Discussion: Australian Federal Agents Carry Out Second Raid Of Journalists In One Week

Isn’t THIS just so much ‘storm trooper’ action? The RW in both countries truly need to get a grip and go through the courts and the laws instead of just acting arbitrarily. Do we need MORE journalists killed because of police action?


So Australia is now joining the dark side? Alarming!


You see? They took away the Aussies guns, now they are raiding journalists. They would never dare to do it in the US. Mass shootings are good, side effect of freedom.


I don’t believe that Australia has a formal, written equivalent of the First Amendment. Scary.


Thank you for pointing that out!

The police in Australia had a warrant, so they did go through the courts.

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Putin’s reach is quite long. These are his tactics, employed by his wannabes. He is currently engaged in his own world war.


Had to educate myself first on what the heck happened recently in Australian politics. It helps…a bit. For those not familiar with their politics like myself, here’s a bit of an explainer:

And here are the recent results…

A “miracle” come from behind for the right of center Liberal Party won. Wonder if they’ve determined there were any shenanigans involved, as happened in the US. This party was behind in all national polls right up until election day as far as I can tell.

ETA: In Australia, Liberal = Conservative, Labour = Liberal (as we in America understand it)


Journalists know, or ought to know, how to protect/encrypt their data. It is naive for journalists to assume they do not need to do that.

So let’s play this out … if Putin gets everything he wants from interfering in Western elections, then what? What does he want ultimately? More land? Half of Europe? What?


Race war and all.the wealth in the world.


Even if you know how to encrypt your data to protect sources, the prospect of people with guns coming to ransack your home or office is not pleasant. It makes employers and reporters think twice (or more) about doing those kinds of stories. And having to encrypt/decrypt everything, destroy paper notes, sanitize calendars etc is an annoying, error-prone process. Sure, some people will continue to do good stories, but police raids and such will weed out the risk-averse. (During my journalistic career I had a few run-ins with allegations about classified materials and information from hackers, but the threats were always empty and I knew that the publications involved would stand behind me.)


Who signed the warrant? Does Australia have laws protecting the press? Are they picking and choosing which laws to follow?


Wow! This is scary in the extreme. No warrants? Are any needed under Aussie law?
Getting one’s home raided? It would scare me.

And yet people here still cheer the arrest, imprisonment, and apparent torture of Julian Assange. Because he’s “not a journalist”. And see no connection whatsoever with his prosecution and events like this.

So long that he’s running raids on journalists… in the USA? How is this in any way related to Putin?

“A raid here in the United States engendered outrage last month, as San Francisco police stormed the home and office of journalist Bryan Carmody to uncover his anonymous source for a story”

Sadly, they have created an economy that is based on mining coal and sending it and other minerals to China for manufacturing. They have squashed all other industries to serve as alternatives and now must can only try to silence those who notice. As a consequence, they doom themselves to burn in the sunlight and destroy the world’s greatest coral reef.

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It’s a global trend. Big shout out to all the people who love prosecuting whistle blowers and leakers. Dessert is now served.

Who do they think they are? Amurika?