Discussion: AT&T Gave Information To Mueller About Cohen Payments Last Year

This looks a little too much like ATT trying to buy Trump approval of controversial takeover. SHAME on old MA Bell, she’s not what she used to be.


In a message sent to employees on Tuesday, the telecom company explained that Cohen’s firm was just one of several other companies that AT&T had been paying to better understand the new administration.

WTF??? “…to better understand the new administration…”? What does that even mean?

I don’t even know what to say about this. Is this even legal??? How the hell can companies get away with something like this???


Translation for Michael Cohen and his three clients: You are fucked. Big Time.


So AT&T has essentially claimed that Cohen is OK because they paid bribes to a bunch of other people as well?


“Bombshell news,” to us. To Mueller, already nailed down as part of his case in chief.


Dear AT&T,

You may consider the matter “closed” when the time limit of the statute of limitations for bribery is reached.

Ghost of a Special Counsel


From Novartis’ Code of Conduct (PDF):

When in doubt, ask yourself:

• Will my conduct allow us to maintain the trust of all our stakeholders?
• Would my family and friends think that my conduct was ethical?
• Have I thought about the impact on those who will be affected by my conduct?
• Would I be comfortable if someone treated me the same way?
• Would I be comfortable if my conduct appeared in the media?
• Is my conduct legal and compliant with Novartis policies?


I would like to know what, exactly, they received for their money. What “insight” was expected and/or gained?

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Hmmmm, AT&T is feeling guilty. Wonder why?

Their statement was apparently curtailed…

"to better understand if the new administration was for sale.

I’m beginning to wonder if Cohen told all these people he was a registered lobbyist? Or is they assumed as much?

Why on earth else would they PAY him for ANYTHING?

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Cohen conned these companies into paying him for “insight”, which he then failed to provide. So they all threw him under every available prosecutorial bus. Geez, who could have seen that coming?

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To better understand how to get net neutrality gutted and how to get our merger with Time Warner fast tracked.

Hey, everybody’s doing it! So, no big deal, right?

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Lobbying, otherwise known as bribery. The difference with Cohen is that he’s not a registered lobbyist, therefore payments to him look like straight up bribery and extortion on his part for soliciting the money.

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