Discussion: At Least 1 Reported Dead From Early-Morning Shooting Near New York's Penn Station

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Wow. The week just started and we’re already getting a bad guy (with a gun). America is getting to be like a construction site: 0 days since the last mass shooting.

One killed, two wounded in triple shooting near Penn Station

The Good Guy With A Gun overslept again! Man, that motherfucker REALLY needs to buy a new alarm.


There is no safe zone or gun free zone anywhere, only places that someone hasn’t busted out their steel yet.

Guns are everywhere, in purses and pockets and briefcases and backpacks. "Good guys have them as well as the bad guys. Guns create the fear and the reason for thinking that you need to carry a gun which is bullshit. Guns only mean dead or more dead, without them, it’s just a fistfight and a bloody nose.


Just the other day a 60-year-old woman negligently shot herself and someone else at a goddamn gun safety course at a shooting range down the road from me. I don’t know anything about her life, maybe she’s dealing with a stalker or something honestly scary like that, but generally I will bet my house to anyone’s nickel there’s no rational reason most of these frightened suburbanites need a gun. And yet the guns go flying off the shelves. There’s a whole insane belief system, like a suicide cult, built up around guns at this point. It has powerful sponsors and millions of passionate, deeply deluded supporters. In the newspaper piece about this same incident you got the usual suspects nattering on like parrots about lawnmowers and swimming pools. At this point I think it’s going to take decades to move away from this, and a concerted effort to change minds that doesn’t yet exist.


Well, guns don’t rot or break down so they can last just about forever. That means that will just keep piling up and since they are made to be shot, people feel the need to shoot them.
My Dad always said, Don’t carry a gun because if you do you will be tempted to use it, rather than end a dispute without death I think was his point. I know he’s right because if I carried a gun I would’ve likely gotten it out in several different situations throughout life and who knows what would’ve happened.

Gun accidents are inevitable as the story you tell proves and the fact that it was a ‘gun safety course’, highlights.
The more guns, the more the stupidity will continue and possibly that is what it will take. Massive stupidity to make people realize but who knows that one either?


There is a reason though! Obama is going to take everyone’s guns away! You know it, I know it, everyone KNOWS it! Just wait…it’ll happen. Soon. Really, really soon… Maybe on the last day of his Presidency. Then, THEN Hillary will activate the FBI, the ATF, the National Guard, the Black Helicopters, and the FEMA detention camps! Fear! FEAR! By afraid, never trust anyone, and if you’re in Florida, remember you can plug someone for just looking at you “threateningly.”


Just 1 dead and a few injured, meh-no biggie.

The fact that guns are designed to kill and then accomplish that mission sort of immunizes people from the fact that another innocent citizen just lost their life for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
Death is the ultimate, it can’t just be brushed off like a meaningless minor accident.
Guns kill, people die, friends and neighbors, innocent strangers, they all matter so much more than guns do. WTF.


This is one more situation in which the minority is outvoting the majority because they’re highly motivated. If gun-control advocates were as passionate and organized as the gun nuts are things would change in a hurry. There are states and municipalities you could point to today that, at the very least, don’t issue a concealed-carry permit to anyone just because. You have to actually state a reason you need to carry a weapon! Very “tyrannical” of course but that’s what the majority wanted. And a majority of people and gun owners in the country want at least the most modest reforms such as universal background checks. But the will is not yet sufficient. Maybe someday soon. Until then the greatest danger of violence in life for most of us comes from some middle-aged middle-class suburban knucklehead in line at Target, fumbling for his wallet, and getting a fold of sweater in the trigger guard of his Glock .40.


There was a mass shooting in Jordan (see TPM article) and Jordan was called a place of relative stability. Are we “relatively stable”?
I wonder if Bobby Jindal still thinks it’s too early to talk about gun control…

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I was in a Target over the weekend and saw what you describe except the fellow didn’t have a sweater on and the weapon was properly holstered. But still he’s a knucklehead for carrying it I think.


Finally, @imkmu3 … someone who thinks like me on this CRAZY libtard website. I think it’s time for you and me to point out to these progressives that this shooting like all other shootings WAS NOT THE GUN’S FAULT!!!

As the official spokesman for Bobby Jindal, I’d like to say, “Yes. You took the words right out of our mouth.”

I do get so worried about the gun when something like this happens.

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That poor gun must be soooo traumatized. An intervention on its behalf may be necessary for its well being, don’t you think? Praps its should change its caliber?

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Note that the LIBERAL LEFT always is worried about the so-called civil rights of suspects and other criminals … but what about the rights of the GUN and the INNOCENT GUN MANUFACTURER! I guess that’s not POLITICALLY CORRECT, is it?

No, that was the Good Guy With a Gun. He was just keeping his surrogate penis shiny and clean as a whistle when it suddenly went off.