Discussion: Artists Who Shred Trump For Using Their Songs Aren't Likely To Sue Him Over It

Well… what would be the point …

He probably has NO money —

“Artists who’ve said Trump didn’t secure their permission before using their music include Adele, Neil Armstrong, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and The Rolling Stones.”

Neil Armstrong?!


…walking out on the Republican National Convention stage Thursday to the movie’s iconic theme song.

I don’t recall that “iconic theme song.” Who sang it?

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Jackson Browne did sue John McCain for using one of his – “Running on Empty” I believe. The lawsuit settled either for no money or a small sum but - more importantly - an agreement that the McCain campaign would not use any other artist’s songs without permission. ------------- There were earlier complaints about Trump using “We Are The Champions” .before its use at the RNC … which (no surprise) apparently had no effect on Trump. Hell, he probably thinks the song was written for him (with the royal “we”).

I have a recommended song for Trump - Back in the USSR