Discussion: Armed With An Already Spotty Record, Schultz Didn't Vote In Latest Local Election

But we don’t need a school levy! If we just get smart people together from each side, they can talk things over and work everything out!


Let’s be fair. The man is far too busy making burned, overpriced coffee.


Who’s Schulz??


Let’s see, he voted in 11 of the last 38 local elections.

Wow, really civic-minded and engaged with making sure his vote counts.


Seattle is not going to let him get away with much if they are able.


So, that’s an average of 3 elections each year possible… So he’s probably doing the average citizen thing of showing up for the “big” ones and ignoring the local or less interesting ones.

Doesn’t seem like it should be a black mark on him. And if he wasn’t an asshole, he’d use it as a good talking opportunity about the price of people turning out and participating in all of those.

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Don’t drink this f*ckers coffee or believe his bullshit.


You don’t even have to show up for elections in the state of Washington. All voting is by mail. All you need to do is fill out your ballot, sign the envelope, and drop it in the mail. These days you don’t even have to put a stamp on it.


Ah, I wasn’t tracking that. Saw that the story mentioned a mailing ballot for the local one, didn’t realize they had that for all elections.

Ok, maybe changes it a bit.


Am I the only one that feels like even before this story, Howard was already pretty much in our collective rear view mirrors as a Presidential candidate ?


One hopes so. What an idiot.


Sounds like it is too big an effort to lift a pen and mark some boxes. He could probably get the spouse to lick the envelope to reduce the work load. Rich and lazy or poor and lazy is no excuse to not vote!


School levy? Wouldn’t he consider that to be an entitlement? Maybe he needs a reminder to vote on a coffee cup.

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It would have been great to vote in every election, and I commend all of the Seattleites who have a 100% voting record.

But since I’m a billionaire who has enough time on his hands to run for president, well, voting just isn’t my priority. I prefer to get my representation the old-fashion way: by buying it.


Hoping that’s the case. We don’t need another one of these in 2020. Thank you very much.

pretty much. Everyone hated him before and he’s collectively being forgotten. All he’s done is serve as a reminder for AOC’s tax plan


His job is to muddy the waters enough so that his taxes don’t get raised. If he actually got elected then that is just icing on the cake.

Voting in Washington State literally could not be easier. This particular election only had two measures on it. So it wasn’t like he had to wade through a 15 or 20 choices for Congress, state legislature, state judges, etc. There were TWO choices he had to make.

As Holden Caulfield might say, Howard Schultz is the biggest goddamn phony anyone has ever met.That his act has been bought so thoroughly by CNN and MSNBC tells you everything you need to know about how screwed we are. We live in the Age of Phony.


You are not.

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