Discussion: Armed Rebels Demand Emergency Workers Hand Over Bodies From Plane

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Jeez, can it get any worse for the families of the deceased? I can’t imagine…


At some point there must be someone, anyone, on the rebel side that feels some tiny bit of humanity. There just has to be. I’m afraid I now know what it would be like in America if the Tea Idiots took over.


We all know what happened here. Keeping the deceased away from their loved ones won’t change that. It will make Putin look like an even creepier asshole then he already does.




My worry is the families may never get those bodies back. Cremation, mass grave God knows where, anything’s possible at this point.


Maybe Putin will exchange them for another world sporting event like the 2018 World Cup. The world has already had enough of Putin and his mob.


This is what that looks like when your government gets small enough to ‘drown it in the bathtub’.


So now, in addition to senseless murder, these a-holes are going to add desecration of their bodies as well?

It seems like they’re going for the full monty of evil.


The far right have been praising Pootie-Poot for his stand on gays. Perhaps this will shut them up for a while.


Exactly. A dictatorship is pretty small government isn’t it?


It’s all about leverage. “Want your people returned home any time soon? Then cancel any and all investigations and sign these documents granting our freedom fighters immunity from prosecution.”


It should be accepted that it’s impossible-- to ‘scrub’ a debris field of that size of all incriminating evidence.
And that the actions of the Ukrainian government don’t foster accusations of culpability for MH17s downing.

Leaving the Occams Razor likelihood that Russia and Ukrainian separatists have conspired in an awkward, thuggish alliance. The two parties, in underestimating the ramifications of this worst-case scenario-- have scrambled for 2 days to piece together a story that somebody might believe. And have failed miserably.

Perception-wise it can’t get any worse for Putin/Russia.
He’s the only player in this triangle who can demand that the ‘right things’ be done.
And it appears he’s demanding the bare minimum from those on-site.

It also appears that the Ukrainian government made a strategically conciliatory move-- and in doing so have forced the hands of the separatists-- by supplying refrigerated railcars to house the bodies left decomposing since Thursday afternoon.

Rightly, Putin should be held accountable in the international community’s perception for the lack of humanitarian action.

From our own experiences domestically, here in the U.S.?
This? Is what a real and damaging political scandal looks like.
Our own Tea Party separatists should be wide-eyed-and-silent.
Allowing this tragedy to register as orders of magnitude more evil-- than their fevered, fantastic-- and ultimately-- petty lies.

There’s unlikely to be any Solomonic action from Putin-- that will save even a shred of whatever reputation he thought he had. His political background and motivations don’t hold out much hope for a humane course going forward either.

Expediency in allowing emergency workers at the site to do their jobs unimpeded-- is the single most important act Putin could demand today. We’ll see if he understands how public relations and damage control work.

Or whether he cares.



The Russians have done a masterful job at pointing the finger at themselves, with their callous, and criminal handling of the whole affair. They are virtually guaranteeing EU sanctions on themselves.


I think a strategy like that is bound to fail miserably. The Dutch people are becoming more outraged and disgusted by the hour with the behavior of the separatists, and the other EU countries will not be far behind. Even if the bankers and the businessmen in the EU would like to have a "business as usual " policy, the politicians in the various countries will have to listen to the people and will force sanctions.

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Obama said he would have more flexibility in his second term to deal with Putin. Putin has already taken over the Crimea and because of the shootdown of MH17, he may have to settle for eastern Ukraine It all depends on Obama’s flexibility.

Are they going to act like so many other of these moronic militants and demand ransom for the bodies?

The Obama Derangement Syndrome thread is 4 over and 2 down.


Of course. This is Obama’s fault, because he didn’t use his magical superpowers to restrain the half-insane KGB-trained leader of a thugocratic nationalist nuclear-armed oligarchy from engaging in a bit of stage-managed expansion in his own backyard. You might have also implicated every Western leader as well, but Obama’s powers control them as well. Either that, or I’ll have to regretfully criticize your ideas by calling them idiotic. I’m leaning toward door number 2, actually. But nice try.


The government is small, yes indeed, and it’s an I-got-mine oligarchy. Like the dictatorship of the proletariat, it hasn’t worked out well in practice.