Discussion: Arizona's 'Cesar Chavez' Faces Legal Challenge To Congressional Candidacy

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“He’s either trying to make a mockery of the system, or of Democrats, or of the Hispanic community,”

Actually it’s the Trifecta…


I guess his first choice of “Generalissimo Francisco Franco” was a non-starter.


Let’s see if he can prove his mettle by picking lettuce for 10 hours. I bet — no!


ah - this guy is an idiot… extra-large & heavy duty - but other than the rampant stupidity of the stunt - has nothing - and is not capable of being truly clever on an ongoing basis.

There are real Democrats running - real ones with recognition in the community - so this tool is little more than political trailer park trash living out his own pseudo - reality show - being an ass and attempting to offend & insult the sensibilities of as many people as possible.

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In other words, he’s your standard Republican.

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Interesting fact missed in this piece: the Alejandro Chavez who filed the challenge is the grandson of the actual Cesar Chavez.

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And in today’s other news


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Or how about Miguel de Cervantes?
Maybe Kevin Quixotic?

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Actually, its right there in the first line.

It is looking more & more like that …

The Republican Party has gotten rabies and needs to be put down … and then the body disposed of … in a way that will prevent contamination of others.

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[quote] Arizona law states that such corruption of electors is a class 2 misdemeanor. [/quote] So more Republicant voter related fraud?

Shocked, I am. Totally shocked!!

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His name change is illegal, since he changed it in order to commit fraud.