Discussion: AP FACT CHECK: Trump Twists Facts Of A Migrant Girl's Death

I can’t believe I’m saying this but…

Thank you AP.


There is no bottom to this pit. Since I’ve given up thinking that he may ever show evidence of humanity, I’m wondering about the people who support him who aren’t MAGA hat-wearing deplorables. Will they ever find their souls?


He’s learned that this vicious, ugly shit sells well. How well? We’ll find out in 2020.


Headline rewrite: Trump Lies About the Cause of Migrant Child’s Death.

We need to stop coddling a liar with sanitized words.


I’ve heard descriptions of malignant narcissism that make it clear when a person is as sick as Trump, the feeling, empathetic, vulnerable part of the psyche has withered away. All that’s left is a machine that seeks approval and avoids shame. If he can’t show a bit of feeling and respect for parents who’ve lost children—and he’s repeatedly shown he can’t—then there’s no humanity to be evident. He’s more reptilian, arthropodal, the stuff of nightmares.


Your description brings to mind creatures of a Lovecraftian nature.


Fat Nixon and his administration operate on only two essential principles: cruelty and greed.


Never read him much but fantasy has always exploited a certain horror we have for reptiles and some other non-mammals. The xenomorphs in Alien, like that.


This morning I read the report in WaPo, other agency reports on Facebook linked articles, and PBS and in each and every case the trolls=MAGAggots are out in force. Some are blaming the immigrants for bringing foreign diseases here to infect all of us. Isn’t Streptococcal sepsis, already here? I believe the disinformation campaign has gone into full attack mode.


“It’s an exoneration, an invitation,
A chance for freaks to boast,
They feel so vindicated, and so elated,
that they just gotta post…”


"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."


What did you expect from Birtherman and the guy who lied about the Central Park 5? This is all about fighting a cold civil war to preserve white nationalism. Dehumanization of minorities and political opponents and self-serving arguments are core to Trump’s political messaging.

These are political tactics which lead us to a moral and ethical abyss. We’ve never been so morally empty as a nation since perhaps the late 1850s.


But the Evangelical Bible thumpers love, love, love Donnie.

Go figure…



Trump is mentally ill and should be kept out of any position of power.

I can’t think of any excuse for the 20 million (just a guesstimate) evangelicals who give him their unwavering loyalty and support.

They had better pray that the Jesus of their bible and the judgement promised in their bible are nothing but creations of human minds.


I watched the Jackie Robinson movie ‘42’ last night and I was reminded how we’re basically the same country as we were in 1947 in this weird Trump alternate universe. You had a bunch of racist, entitled white guys who didn’t want their little club to include a black player. They took racist pot shots at him knowing that he couldn’t respond b/c he’d never win a PR battle against them and their mutual admiration society. Then you had people quietly rooting for Robinson but making it clear that he was on an island to fight his battle with a deeply racist society. You had people say he didn’t belong even though he quickly emerged as one of the best young players in the game. You had people deny him any respect no matter how well he played. You had double standards galore. Players and managers would scream the ‘n-word’ and threaten him to his face while he was batting (or more dangerously) playing at first base. You had other naive non-woke white guys wake up and realize how racist their hometowns and families were.

But most of all you had fear of demographic change. What drove white racism against minority athletes participating in professional sports was white fear that POC players would replace them because they were more talented. That turned out to be true to a certain extent, but minority players undoubtedly made the sport better and more popular. That’s how competition and market economics are supposed to work. That fear of displacement is what drives Trumpism today, except that blue America and suburban America have evolved to realize that diversity is in fact a big source of economic strength and prosperity and from that there’s an emerging shared set of cultural values. That’s why Trumpism will fail.


It’s bone-chilling that this is the President of the United States blaming a poor migrant family for a small child’s death, but yes, as you say, he is a sick man who has no business being in a position of power and is way over his head.

What’s absolutely unacceptable and incredibly disgusting are the people who put him there, weaponizing the Bible in one hand while pointing a finger -laughing and joking -at the plight of the dispossessed with the other. I get their racism is deep-seated, and yet, I’ll never understand the hypocrisy of those people.


It’s beyond baffling. It is willful blindness to the most obvious indications. Trump is the falsest of false prophets.

Trump lacks even the most basic knowledge of Christianity. He is unchurched, and violates commandments as casually as he breathes.

If I had to name one president in history who could most credibly be suspected of making a deal with the devil, it would be him.


Trumpism dies with Trump. There has never been anyone like him. Never will be