Discussion: Analysts: Trump's Warning To Pakistan To End Afghan Operations Can Backfire

“For its part, Pakistan often gives safe haven to agents of chaos, violence and terror.”


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Sounds like the Republican Party


If he had a State Department he wouldn’t listen to them. So really there is no chance he will come up with any good strategy after consulting his personal undeveloped grey matter. It could bee that Pakistan already is doing as much as they can to curtail the insurgents. Or they could be actively helping them. Don Jon Ew doesn’t listen to intelligence agency reports either so as usual he is just throwing out whatever floats to the tom of his magic 8-ball brain. He doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

Or maybe he has a secret weapon. Hitler loved secret weapons.

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McMaster n Mattis reportedly had a big say in constructing that Fort Myer speech, so lets see where this leads.

Trump = Backfire


Geopolitics has always been one of Cockholter’s fortes. NOT!

As Rick Wilson has coined: ETTD™ (Everything Trump Touches Dies). There are no exceptions.