Discussion: Amid Trump's Talk Of A 'Rigged' Election, Experts Say Fraud Is Rare

Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans are expressing confidence in the voting systems, while state election officials are saying they are committed to conducting fair and impartial elections.

Can’t help but feel that this and the section on Voter IDs give the Republicans too much of a pass on the role their rhetoric on voter fraud with regards to advancing Voter ID based voter suppression played in planting the seeds for Trump’s “rigged” meme amongest the Republican base.

Yes this theme of voter fraud started with the Photo ID laws. Here in MO we will vote again on a Photo ID law. We voted on this once before and it was struck down by the state supreme court.
For me the bizarro world of MO politics is that our state DLs and non driving IDs are not Real ID Act compliant. Missouri has been dragging it’s feet for getting compliant because fear of government national ID which could be used to track us. I can’t understand the cognitive dissonance involved in holding these two positions when advocates always reply “But you need ID for x,y, and zed.” And more recently they point to two wards in the City of St. Louis as to why we need photo ID except that the fraud was conducted in the absentee ballots and not in person voting.