Discussion: American Airlines Pilot Dies During Flight From Phoenix To Boston

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Thank heavens for co-pilots!




You win the “Most Appropriate User Name EVAR!” award.



somehow this is connected to Benghazi

When did Hillary know about the pilot, why has she refused to say anything about it, the fact that it isn’t in her emails proves she is hiding something, this is just like Vince Foster.

How did I do?


Condolences to the family and friends of the pilot. :worried:


My condolences to the family of this man.

Any time I hear stories like this i am reminded of one of the best books – non-fiction – ever written about flying.
It’s basically a memoir by Ernest K Gann.

Title: “Fate is the Hunter”. Still in print.

Und zere vill be a quiz.

I agree. It’s a good one.

I saw the movie. I did not read the book. I hope he died doing what he loved - flying airplanes

This is why you have co-pilots folks

This is precisely why the airlines put co-pilots in the cockpit.

I’m glad the co-pilot was there, but I don’t understand the immediate, “He’s a hero” reaction some people are having. As I said, this is why he’s there: the workload in the cockpit isn’t that high. Flight crews train for this sort of event consistently. He did what he’s trained to do, and he did it well. Bravo.

Normally the person who dies in the line of duty is designated the “hero,” whether they did anything heroic or not. Odd that the co-pilot gets the plaudits in this case.

I’m not sure even our media could get away with trying to make a hero of a guy who fell ill (myocardial infarction or stroke – my money says MI) while flying a commercial jet.

Oh ye of little faith!

Sorry, but the film was awful, nothing like the book.

The “airlines” don’t put that co-pilot there. Big government requires them to.

Airlines have repeatedly tried to get the co-pilot rule eliminated so they can save on pilot salaries.

Your first comment is incorrect, Your second is correct.

It was the pilots themselves who put the second pilot on-board, in response to the airlines/mail demanding pilots work longer periods with very work intensive jobs.

Many times the FAA rules are a pretty low bar for safety and presume everything else, mx and wx, are normal. It is up to the pilot(s) to operate in a regime they are comfortable with, many times forcing the safety bar much higher, taking into account the aircraft, the weather as well as the condition of their crew.

BTW, it was the pilots who demanded that copilots have enough experience to be type-rated in the larger aircraft. The FAA is, for the most part, composed of experienced ex-pilots and uses active pilots when fashioning the very rules you are complaining about.

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Your first comment is incorrect, Your second is correct.

It was the pilots themselves who put the second pilot on-board…

Unless it’s one of those airlines that is employee-owned, “the pilots” are not “the airline.” That is not a trivial distinction.

My first comment is correct.

LOL. I was completely unaware. I even read your comment and puzzled for a bit before I got nerf-balled with the big OH I GET IT NOW. :wink: