Discussion: Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter Shares Public Defender With Aurora Shooter

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Oh, well. Even assholes are afforded proper defense in a court of law (at least the whiter and richer ones are … right?).


Well, at least now we know what police and the authorities in deeply conservative CO Springs were doing while delaying releasing any information: desperately calling around to find this attorney for him while they coached him to “insane-ify” himself during interrogation.



In a case like this, I prefer life without parole. Gives the scum a lifetime to witness how his act had zero influence on the constitutional right to choose.


Sounds like this guy specializes—only defends people who carry out mass shootings in Colorado. No doubt he has a thriving practice.

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Whose Oswald is this Dear fellow, anyway?

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Well, at least he won’t be able to appeal based on an inexperienced defense attorney. I hope Mr. King does his best and Dear gets put away for good.

From what I read in the papers, life without parole in the case of the Aurora murderer was because one juror held out and refused to agree to a state execution. So is that due to this defenders skill? Who knows.

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Please don’t worry yourself, as there is little chance of that cast iron corporate catastrophe ever feeling the tiniest responsibility or remorse for her bloody hand in inciting someone (someone obviously staggering along the lines of sanity) to commit mass murder to be sure there were no more baby parts. That’s a clear reference to the non-existent video clip publicized by Fiorina, even though it was a dirty lie from hell, and she knew it was a dirty lie and still doubled down over and again to rouse the most rabid of the GOP voting base to support her campaign. Carly Fiorina got her results in spades–a women’s health center massacre. Fiorina will continue to defend her promotion of the non-existent video and deflect any insinuations that she is in any way responsible for inciting a horrible tragedy. Cast iron is cold, hard, and remorseless.


You nailed it 538Liberal. Conservatives use people for chips when they play poker.


And yet again, not one reporter will confront this GOPer with the fact that she was an enabler to murder. At the very minimum she needs to hear it.


Alleged? Really? Is there any remotely half-serious possibility that the police arrested the wrong cop killer? But enough about politically correct ass covering run amok. I don’t think the Colorado Springs PD need federal help incarcerating cop killer himself. Federal agents should be shaking his tree of family, friends, acquaintances and favorable Twitter Tweeters to find out whether cop killer is a lone psycho or a member of a terrorist organization. If he’s an organized terrorist as opposed to a solitary psychopath, it’ll take federal resources to prove it.

Don’t forget that black man who killed his white wife and was found not guilty by a jury with a preponderance of black women. Marcia Clark blew that one because she believed that surely women would be sympathetic to the murdered white woman so she made sure to include women. Not.


Who did this guy piss off?

Well, there was also the lying policemen, the racist policeman, the planted evidence, the prosecutor lying in her closing…

It may have been due to the juror not wanting to give the criminal what he wanted. Now the murderer is just a number alone and forgotten. No going out in a blaze of glory.

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Don’t forget Robert Kardashian who probably helped him conceal evidence. It’s hard to overstate what a hero he was here in San Francisco where he went to high school. Poor kid from a troubled family but with talent and athletic skill to spare so everyone who followed football was glad to put him on a pedestal.

Exactly. The defense counsel needs to get at least partial credit for having laid out the arguments that sustained the holdout through deliberations. At the same time, the holdout juror gets some of the credit for having the strength of character to stand up to eleven peers and tell them they are wrong.

I’ve been there and done it with one other holdout juror (a criminal case, but not a capital case, thank goodness) and it was difficult enough in that case. I don’t want to think about how tough it would be to be alone against that kind of pressure. That juror did exactly the job required: to think the thing through, make the best judgement possible in dialog with the other jurors. My kudos to that juror.