Discussion: All The Reasons The 2020 Census Is Shaping Up To Be A Disaster


Anyone surprised about this?


What is the plan for the online respondents? How will they login? How will duplicate responses be ruled out? Where will the data be stored? Plus a couple of dozen more relevant questions to using the internet need to be answered publicly and quickly now, since time is running out. Expect the GOP to try to minimize census responses the way they try to minimize voting rights.


There is nothing—NOTHING—the Groupies of Putin wont do to retain power. WASF.


Every time trump makes me a little nervous something bad for him lands on his head with a loud boom. Let’s hope that pattern holds.


Not only will they minimize the results, they will cherry pick them, propagandizing them at will. I can already see them saying “these numbers under represent the criminal element blah blah blah”


This is a list of features, not bugs for the Grand Old ratfucking Party, isn’t it?


Although the Constitution requires a census every ten years, there is nothing to stop the Democrats, when they get control of the House, Senate, and White House in 2021 or 2023, from finding that the 2020 census was tainted and inaccurate, and ordering a do over. Of course, they also might have to “pack” the Supreme Court to get this done.

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+1. Trump

Any questions?


“A bad count, particularly around certain populations, will result in political power being transferred from those who weren’t counted to those who were,” he added.

So completed “mostly” online… sure that will work. When I retired and moved to East TN one of the questions I asked was is the area covered by high speed internet. Sure was the answer given by every carrier that serviced the county. I purchased 5 acres about 6 miles from the center of town. Actually on the highest point in the county. What did I find, (1) cell service was 1 bar if I was at a very specific position OUTSIDE, move 5 feet and loose signal, (2) only 14400 baud, YES 14400 dialup service, 56K not available, (3) landline was so poor you could understand maybe every 3rd word. When I sold the property in 2016 only my home had upgraded internet service, still poor cell and landline but now had 720 DSL. Was told it was a mistake so when I moved the new owner lost that option. The area still has not been improved. So yes tRUmp Admin move census online thinking it will only hurt blue areas, sorry, unless they do something radical this East TN county will be under-counted big time.


In 1086 England had it first census called The Domesday Book, with Trump as President the 2020 census will be known as the Doomsday Book.


Since Reagan in 1976, Republicans have been shouting “Government Don’t Work”, and by golly, they’re gonna make it not work.


I can’t believe that the well-oiled machine bungled the census.

I just can’t accept that.


I remember in the early 2000s the GOP in Texas did the same thing for redistricting purposes and totally gerrymandered Texas. So yeah, the Constitution, as we have found from the NEW Republican Party, is more a ‘suggestion’ than a guidepost. IF it does not say you CANNOT do something you can do it.

Like “I” want a good old-fashioned ‘court packing’ of SCOTUS. The Constitution does not say NINE it’s ‘just’ a ‘convention’ that we have NINE. I say, let’s make it THIRTEEN and ‘also’ pass a law saying that it is THIRTEEN.


By design. This ‘disaster’ is yet another created by the GOP to prevent loss of power. They know the next census isn’t going to go well for them, so they sabotage it in any way they can.

Here’s what the 2020 census would look like otherwise:
“Count everyone. Reapportion. Remove the gerrymander. Oops, buh-bye GOP!”

That’s why we have this mess.


There is already a law (Judiciary Act of 1869) that says the number is nine. We’d have to amend that, but there is good reason to amend it, and better reason to amend the Constitution to appoint justices for fixed terms.


The whole country is divided into small census tracts, with all kinds of information digitized and available online.

There is no reason why online census taking would not work well. They will be able to know who answered and who didn’t, just like ringing the doorbell, and can follow up. It will take actual walking neighborhoods and checking visually and talking to residents, and also coordinating with cities and towns for permits, to find changes in buildings that result in more or fewer units. This is all the same as it ever was, only digital instead of on paper.

So the online part doesn’t worry me much. It’s the budget (although substitution of online for many temp employees doing very labor intensive work should save a lot) and in particularly the citizenship question that do.

We all know why they want the citizenship question, and it’s not to get more information.


I did not know that; it has been brought up multiple times that NINE is a convention where SCOTUS is concerned. BUT I don’t doubt I was misinformed in this. Maybe because it’s not a CONSTITUTIONAL order like being 35 to be President?

Anyway, THANKS.

WAIT a minute: didn’t FDR try to ‘pack’ the Court in the 1930’s and he was not stopped by this 1869 law he was stopped by general public opinion?

If “I” were President I would at least try.

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Just when you think the Trump “Administration” can’t fail harder, they prove you wrong. I tend to start to think that all of this is deliberate, as others have posted, “proof” that government doesn’t work. Grover Norquist must be running around with a permanent erection. Let’s hope the new Democratic majority in the House can continue to stymie at least some of this destruction.

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I would love to watch Donald Trump fill out his census. He’s supposed to.

Where’s the checkbox for ‘I won’?

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