Discussion: Alert: Suspect With Gun Seen Running Toward Indianapolis College Campus

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Probably just a good guy coming to save the day. From something.


So…a man running around with a gun becomes a bad thing once he’s suspected of a robbery?

Why is this?




“Another update said the situation began as an armed robbery on the 700 block of Blake Street, and that no injuries were reported.”

Lies…he’s black, so even if he did rob the store, this is clearly liberal Democrat BLM PC terrorism.

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Don’t question! Just be glad it’s not scissors!


You must have missed the part where he’s black.


Is Indiana an open carry state? If so, it’s just a Patriot™, out for a walk.

I’m so confused: didn’t TPM have the exact same comment thread a few days ago?

CharlieE, you were there, and George_C and Sniffit and Meri and JW1, and PhillyDave… It wasn’t a dream!

There’s no place like home - in America.

If I’m not mistaken, Indiana is open carry with a license. You’d be right, but the technicality here is that the individual in question is black, so he’s automatically classified as a “suspect”. In order to obtain the title of Good American Guy with a Gun and Patriot™ you ned to be fat, white, wearing camo cargo pants and have a Christian cross hanging visibly around your neck.

I don’t make the rules.


An update posted to Indian University’s Facebook page described the suspect as a black man between 6’ 3" and 6" 4" who was wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and a hat with yellow writing.

At least the radical right will finally be able to utter the words “domestic terrorist.”

Rules have been modified: One cross per chin.

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I’m dubious this report is legitimate. Everyone is too obese in Indiana to “run” in the classic sense of the word. Waddling towards campus I can believe. Running? Ha, Ha, Ha…

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So, seems in gold old Indiana, if a black guy wants to run around with a gun he needs to be dressed correctly. Like this: