Discussion: Alabama GOP Offering $1000 Reward For Info About Voter Fraud

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Now watch a slew of folks get falsely accused by their “friends” and “neighbors.”


Where exactly will they place the signs? AFAIK, it’s illegal to do any campaigning at or near a polling station. That sign has a GOP URL on it; seems to me that would count as campaigning.


They’re offering this because they know no one will ever claim it.


How much will they fork over for information on sasquatch?


this will bite them on the ass.


Funny, I’ve never heard of anybody offering a thousand bucks reward for a thing that was plentiful and easy to find.


If you’re a minority living in Alabama who plans to vote today, expect some toothless piece of shit to stop you and question the legitimacy of your vote. Then again, if you’re a minority living in Alabama you probably already know that and are prepared as such.


I have information on voter fraud.

Several governors in several states are trying to prevent citizens from voting.

Now that is voter fraud and the GOP owes me $1,000.


I think most states have a law specifying exactly how far from the polling station the campaigning has to be, and I would guess that the signs would be placed right at that point.

Don’t you normally see campaign signs at the periphery of your polling place?

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They know they will probably never have to pay, but the point is less to catch fraud than it is to simply intimidate people from voting, even if they are perfectly legitimate voters. It’s the GOP equivalent of the scary black man with the night stick.


Fraud protection? That’s right, Frog protection. Stop Voter Frog!


Voting is a sacred American right so naturally the GOTP wants you to spy on your friends and neighbors. And while your at it, let them know about any pregnancies in your circle.

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From the GOP website:
“Any suspicion of fraud or witnessing the willful non-enforcement of the Alabama’s voter laws needs to be reported.”

And number 1 on their watchlist is:

“Some of the most common violations include: not showing proper photo ID…”

From the National Conference of State Legislatures:

“Some might call Alabama’s law a strict photo identification law, because voters who don’t show a photo ID will generally be asked to cast a provisional ballot and then must bring the required ID to an election office by 5 p.m. on Friday after Election Day. However, there is an alternative: two election officials can sign sworn statements saying they know the voter.”

I see a little bit of air between what the GOP is saying is the law is and the actual provisions of the law.

Can it possibly be intentional?


They will soon need to put up an additional sign about reporting voter-fraud fraud.


This is nothing more than voter intimidation. You hear that scumbags…


I can too clearly see the air-quotes around “random” polling locations.

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Well gosh, it must be a Big Thing that Happens All the Time if they’re serious enough to offer a ree-ward!

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I don’t normally see any signs near the poling station.

I resent having to click the little likey-heart* to indicate that I agree. Because I do not “like” this at all. But in any case, you nailed it SR.

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