Discussion: After Warmbier's Death, US Weighs Travel Ban On North Korea

I rather think that people who go there now are crazy so I have no problem with this idea really.

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A travel ban on NK is long over due. Every visiting American is an opportunity to take a hostage.

I’ve always been stunned at the disparity between US treatment of NK and Cuba. Of course, the average American has no clue that the US allows any citizen to travel to NK without any restrictions.


Here’s a free clue kids: hiking in Afghanistan, dining out in Syria, camping in Pakistan, swimming in Iraq, streaking in Iran or visiting North Korea is like playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets.


I agree with the sentiment of all the above posters, but I’d like to hear from former NM Gov. Bill Richardson who has dealt with NK and diplomacy for several years.

“Immortality” is a disease that all to many are afflicted with.