Discussion: After Boris Nemtsov's Murder, The U.S. Congress Needs To Act

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And yet, Putin is the kind of “leader” that the GOP wants.

If only there was an abortion or two involved, the Congress might be motivated.
The leadership of our current congress supports Putin, because Obama. President Obama has called for an investigation so obviously that means that Putin needs a Boener invite to undermine America and our President because Obama.

Our congress can’t pass basic legislation without a shutdown crisis and major kowtow to the teabaggers of America. McConnell and Boener aren’t about to go against their other BFF, Putin, especially considering how well their Netanyahu/Iran game plan is working out.
Maybe a letter or full 140 character tweet will work, Doh!!

Maybe a letter or full 140 character tweet will work

But only if it’s sternly worded!

Yeah, with a GTFOOH and a WTF. Those require immediate action!

That “signed confession” makes me think of the movie “Casablanca” “Round up the usual suspects!”