Discussion: Aetna CEO Warned DOJ Of Obamacare Withdrawal If Its Merger Was Blocked




Bertolini has claimed that the company’s shift in ACA strategy was due to new information becoming available since the April comments.

Yes, the new information was that the DOJ was blocking the merger. Thanks for accidentally being honest.


Maybe this is the perfect time to make a push for universal health care here in the US.

I have asked many well educated people “tell me EXACTLY what health care insurance adds to delivering better health care to consumers. I mean other than making health care insurance executives and stock holders wealthy.” Blank faces is all I have ever had in return.


How can the Federal Govt. REQUIRE people buy insurance if there are NO providers in the exchange for their region? Sounds like the Fed Govt should provide a plan there. Works for me.


Ooooooh, if nothing else works, try blackmail.

Anyone wanna bet on how quickly the " portion of the additional synergies … to [support] even more public exchange coverage…" which would be “explored” would suddenly “evaporate” when they got what they wanted.

What? Nobody wants to take that bet? What a surprise…


That’s okay Aetna, we’re about to take back Congress. We’ll push through a public option and put you fuckers out of business for good.

How do you like THOSE apples?


“By contrast, if the deal proceeds without the diverted time and energy associated with litigation, we would explore how to devote a portion of the additional synergies … to supporting even more public exchange coverage over the next few years.”

By “synergies”, of course, he means massive layoffs and much crappier customer service, with a rise in prices because of the elimination of competition.


Any executive who uses the term “synergies” should be shot into the sun.


The next time some pompous azzhole executive uses the word ‘synergies’, I think he needs to be severely beaten about the head and body until he can get his synergies sutured at the ER.


Public option is just a start. It’s time to remove health care from the “for profit” sector, and eliminate the need for health care insurance, at all. Most of today’s politicians on both sides of the aisle are too craven to stand up to this kind of corporate bullying. THIS is where Bernie’s revolution needs to focus.


OHHH, there it is!

jony mcCrank was all “obama care sucks and needs to be repealed” on last nights new about aetna…come to find out, it isn’t 'obama care" that’s the problem, it’s aetna having a hissy-fit because they didn’t get their way.

News flash for you aetna, this only hurts you! Each time you send junk mail to me or mine trying to sell your crap, that shit is going straight to the shredder!


You beat me to it! I detest that meaningless word.


I like what I understand is the way the Swiss work it. The government formulates a basic minimum coverage and a price tag for it, and all insurers are required to offer that policy at that price. Everyone is subsidized that amount to buy coverage. The insurers can offer improved coverage at a higher rate an the citizens can use the stipend to cover part of that cost and cover the remainder privately. This means everyone has a basic level of coverage at no out of pocket cost, but can choose to increase or improve their coverage at their own expense. The insurance companies are free to try and lower their expenses and pocket the difference between the subsidized coverage and what it actually costs them to provide service, but as they don’t select what that price is, it reduces the benefits to the companies of limiting competition.


Clinton should offer to make Bernie the Secretary of HEW. THAT would scare the crap out of a lot of folks!


And the first “synergy” that needs to happen is those pompous asshole executives need to be the first to be “let go”…unemployment, how you like that synergy, executives?


“Nice little system you have here…be a pity if anything happened to it! Now, we have friends who can guarantee no trouble in the future, just keep up your payments.” I’d like to thank Joe Lieberman for all his hard work on screwing up the ACA votes on behalf of his wife’s employer, Aetna Insurance. Gaaaaaahd.


There will most likely be no facile solution in the form of a Public Option. The quintessential devil here is the GOP house, which, even with a Hillz landslide, is unlikely to be flipped over to the Dems. [It’s possible, but not expected], in which case I’m not sure what Hillary Clinton can do; we’ll see.

The GOP is, simply, put a dense, inanimate wrecking ball of a political party with no more thought to the consequences of it’s actions than a driver-less, randomly wandering, D-11 Caterpillar bulldozer, it’s blade down, trundling over the political landscape.


And that’s really much of the problem right there. “Well educated” people clearly understand the issues and benefits of single payer. I remember 2009 when you had every RW idiot and much of the elderly railing vehemently against the ACA because name any number of idiot reasons. When people understand realistic solutions to the health care situation in this country, there’s more support for people trying to save their own lives.


A public option would kill them (the for profit guys) once and for all. They won’t be able to compete.