Discussion: ACLU Files Suit: Trump Election Fraud Panel Is Ignoring Open Meeting Laws


Trumpco will claim that, since they aren’t an official body, they are exempt. MoFos keep putting their feet in their mouths that way.


NAS and NAPA fall outside of FACA but still have reporting requirements under FACA. Most people don’t know this.


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Go back and read a few stories from 2016. Trump had/has a data acquisition program called ‘Project Alamo’ to get data and voter history on EVERYONE in America!

This so-called Voter Fraud BS is just a means for Trump to fill in the blanks and get data on EVERYONE IN THE USA!


i am not sure if commie is still a slur for right wing nut jobs. At the very least, the ACLU must be “American commies” because the Russian commies are all good for the Trumpsters.

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I think the term is “pinko” from the color of the blood in the water…

I don’t think many Russians sees themselves as ‘Commies’ these days…

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The party of small government? The hypocrisy is stunning.


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Ah, Civil Libertarians, not to be confused with the other kind…


Yup, definitely distinct from the Uncivil Libertarians. Poodle-haired and otherwise.

I thought the commission was exempt from disclosure because of personal NDAs they signed to Dear Leaker :facepunch:

My first year contracts professor used to say, you can call a cow a horse, but it’s still a cow.


Are they asking for an injunction, though? Without an injunction, this may be a moot point.

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They don’t need an injunction, with none of the states seemingly willing to turn over the data in the first place…

none of the states seemingly willing to turn over the data

That’s not actually true. Additionally, voter registration lists are public data in most states. The most any state can do is withhold the portion of data (e.g., SSN) that’s non-public. But the feds can fill in SSN and remaining data quite easily by crosschecking through DHS, IRS, NSA, etc.

"This process is cloaked in secrecy, raising serious concerns about its credibility and intent. What are they trying to hide?” ACLU staff attorney Theresa Lee said in a statement.

I’m guess the only thing they are hiding is that they aren’t doing anything.

Trump and the GOP would love to require liberals/progressives/democrats to wear identifying symbols (a la “Jude Star” in Nazi Germany). Trump is preparing for the purges that Bannon is drooling for. Once the nation is cleansed of the vermin they can bring about the Great Society of white, rich, plutocratic, conservatives who are here to do god’s holy work. The wet dream of the right wing is almost in sight.

Ruh roh, things are not going as planned for team subversive.

Back to the basics looks like, call Vlad.