Discussion: ACC Pulls Championships Out Of NC, Following NCAA's Lead

Read it and weep, McCrory. You’re finished.


This is awesome!

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Good. Glad to see this happening. Lets see how “principled” these GOP pukes are in their efforts at forced discrimination when it starts to drain the State coffers, puts holes in their pockets and screws up the ledgers in their municipal checkbooks.

To the average voter supporting the current NC government who passes these hateful bills, loss of convention business and it’s impact is too remote to be felt or understood. The loss of the NBA Allstar game, the NCAA tournament games and now this is something they can feel.

And it sends a clear message to other legislators in other states thinking about following suit. Talk is cheap. The corporate world actually standing up in opposition to hate and taking concrete action is critical.

We need to see much more of it, and not just in NC.

if the law still exists next summer, do not vacation at N.C. beaches. people are also saying that there is a shark problem. it should be looked into.