Discussion: Abraham Lincoln Misquoted On Ohio Statehouse Banner — Again

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We’ve come full circle as Republicans now stand for malice toward all and charity for none.


Lincolns Republican Party:

"With malice toward none, with charity for all."

Today’s Republican Party:

"With malice toward all, with charity for none."

Is anyone else having problems commenting on some articles? Some seem to be closed - can’t click to open discussion page.

Since the legislature and Gov Kasich is of the ‘Party of Lincoln’ you would think…lol

All the news that fits to print.

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This may be a case of being too accurate.

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Republican Party: “With malice toward all, with charity for the 1%.”



He couldn’t make it through the state primary today.

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Emblematic of America: It’s a mistake, but it’s an historic mistake, so we want to keep it.

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As it was likely a GOTP group responsible…they ‘fixed’ Wikipedia yet?

He wouldn’t want to; he’d be a Democrat.

The great thing about misquoting Lincoln is that the misquoted Lincoln always agrees with you. Ditto for the misquoted Jesus.

Lincoln’s quote — when wrong to be kept wrong; when right to be put wrong…or something like that…

Columbus Ohio bureaucrats don’t do lofty rhetoric. Thanks are in order for correct spelling.