Discussion: Abdul-Jabbar: 'More Whites Believe In Ghosts' Than Think Racism Persists

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Kareem, I hope you’re not waiting for Nate Silver’s call. I would love to know the “research” he did :slight_smile:

The United States believes in the criminalization of African ancestry (particularly African ancestry south of the Sahara). This doesn’t mean that the US is the only country doing this.

Lena Horne had to brush aside attempts by Hollywood to portray her as a Latina. Had that taken place, much of what she went through as “black” would have had a far different turn.

Similarly, Anwar Sadat sometimes but seldom had his color come to be an issue during the 1970s. However, Louis Gossett’s portrayal of him in a film shifted a number of things in the minds of Americans and those themselves close to Sadat.

African ancestry is going to have to be de-criminalized. People (Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, Whites and African Americans themselves) have tap-danced around this issue for years. It’s the Elephant in the Room and, ironically, the so-called analysts called upon to comment on “race” tap-dance out of addressing the issue:


In the Latino community I am in, I have freely and cheerfully acknowledged my African ancestry. I am happy with it. In fact, since I know about Caribbean Latin Music (salsa, rumba, etc), I am thrilled to be part of this musical diaspora (which includes jazz, blues, samba, reggae, etc.).

De veras…cual es el problema con origenes africanos, bro’ ?

By the way…I checked with Nate…he’s AFRAID of ghosts…


Is it a mere coincidence that ghosts wear white sheets over their heads?..
I think not.


He’s probably not far off the mark. It was a good chuckle.


I think Dr. J would tip a shot of Crown to those statements.


This incongruity came to a head in the Scooby-Doo episodes with the Harlem Globetrotters.


spot on with your comment, and i love how people keep joking and dancing around the elephant in the room.

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Way to keep it light, I think that was funny : )

A serious point lightened by humor that will nonetheless almost certainly be the subject of an outrage orgy on the Fox morning imbecile show tomorrow morning.


Where the heck did Jabbar pop out from? I haven’t heard a peep out of him for ten years and now all of a sudden he’s the voice of social conscious. I have no problem with that, it just seems odd that he suddenly became the go to guy.

You know his given name is Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr, just an FYI. Oh, and he’s the man, the sky hook was the shit.

Racism is alive and well. When the leader of the country is treated as disrespectfully as he is, there’s more to it than politics. And if I had to guess, it’s the color of his skin. There are a lot of white folks who resent being told what to do by a black man.


Abdul-Jabbar was and is one of the biggest sports icons associated with Los Angeles, having played for the Lakers. Since the Clippers are now an LA team, it makes sense he would weigh-in on the Sterling fiasco, along with Magic Johnson, of course. But yeah, he’s been largely under the radar for some time until now.

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What Sterling said is probably what is being said in a lot board rooms privately. Davis Stern did absolutely nothing in the decades he ran the NBA.


KA-J was always the opposite of Magic personality-wise. It’s hurt him as far as becoming a huge celebrity ex-athlete but I doubt that aside from not getting an NBA coaching position he’d have done it any differently. All class as a person, and one of the best players ever, a monster competitor.


Hah. Its funny 'cause its true…

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More whites believe that Jesus rode a T-Rex than believe racism exists. More whites believe that evolution is a Satanic fraud than believe racism exists. More whites believe that climate change is a plot by liberal scientists than believe racism exists. More whites believe that Barack Obama is a subhuman ape than believe racism exists. More whites believe that the Duck Commanders are authentic backwoods outdoorsmen than believe racism exists. More whites believe that Ted Nugent is a patriotic hero than believe racism exists. More whites believe that Jesus Christ endorsed torture than believe racism exists. More whites believe that being well-educated makes you a sissy than believe racism exists. More whites believe that Bud Light is good beer than believe racism exists.

In other words, there is literally no limit to the ridiculous bullshit that white people will enthusiastically, fervently believe in before they’ll acknowledge that racism still exists.

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I can just see “FoxSpews’ Fiends” tomorrow morning:

DOOCY: “Over the weekend, former NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made the stunning accusation that more white people believe ghosts exist than they believe racism exists!”

KILMEADE: “That’s right, Steve! But here to refute that disgustingly racist allegation is our own Frank Luntz, pollster to the stars and a friend of the show!”

(Blonde who’s not Gretchen Carlson): “Frank, tell the truth: Do more white people believe in ghosts than they do in racism?”

LUNTZ: “Oh, gracious no, (Blonde who’s not Gretchen Carlson)! Plenty of white people believe racism exists… (Turns and points to the camera) …because racism is happening to THEM!”


No, it’s not, it’s Roger Murdoch. See? It’s on his nametag.


You’re right, he was born and raised in NY and I’m sure got his share of racial crap there and learned to take it and keep moving. Then after one year in Milwaukee he basically was all LA. The UCLA Bruins during the dynasty then to the Lakers as part of a dang near dynasty.

When I was a kid we used to get up at 11.00 PM to watch the replay of the Bruins games because we lived in the blackout zone of within 60 miles of LA. I was only a little kid and so were my brothers, I still can’t believe that our Dad got us up at that hour as young as we were, and we would cheer the whole game. Lots of greats from those teams.