Discussion: Aaron Schock Compares Himself To Abraham Lincoln In Final Floor Speech

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Schock…you’re more like Trafficante than you are Lincoln.


Yes Aaron, just like the late great President Lincoln your first name begins with the letter “A” and just like Honest Abe, your political career is over.



What a fucking hypocrite!
What a fucking asshole!
Sorry about the language, but this maroon (and I mean that in the kindest, Bugs Bunny way, to paraphrase Tucker Carlson) is undeserving of any respect whatsoever, including grammatical.
I believe every gay person in American, when confronted with the despicable Mr. Schock, should rightfully kick him in his shriveled balls and laugh. He deserves nothing less. I want this motherfucker reduced to giving blowjobs to truckers in a gas station bathroom. And if anyone is offended by this angry gay man’s remarks, then go Cheney yourself, schoolmarm!


Well, it was rumored that Lincoln was gay!


He thus exhibits the same level of self-delusion as Cruz.


I’m not sure if referring to Horace Greeley as “a journalist” is an assumption of epic historical illiteracy on the part of the reader or evidence of same by the writer. But in any case, what the Slate article said was that Greeley, appointed to fill a three month interim term in Congress, discovered that members of Congress were paid travel milage based on an 1816 milage table and milage rate devised before railroads that assumed travel was much slower, harder and more expensive than it was in the spiffy modern age world of the 1840s.

Lincoln’s district was one of the most distant from Washington in the Union in 1846 and, accordingly, his reimbursement was highest.

Greeley didn’t attack the members who received reimbursement under the plan, but, rather the failure to update the law. But then, while Greeley was probably the preeminent media drama queen of his day, he didn’t hold a candle to modern media drama queenism.

And oops, Greeley also seems to have based his claim that the milage distances used were too long on a U.S. postal service milage table that the Postal Service had withdrawn because it was rife with inaccuracies.


Yep. Because nothing makes you look better than to compare yourself to one of America’s greatest historical figures, otherwise known as “Honest Abe”, while you’re resigning post haste and spiraling down into ignominy (and likely jail) due to corruption scandals.

Sure. Go with that.

I hear Cruz is comparing himself to Galileo on climate science. Because somehow taking the equivalent of the CHURCH’S anti-science stance makes Cruz look like Galileo. That also makes sense in CRAZYland.

I swear, I don’t even know what to call these maniac GOP members anymore. They’re freaking ridiculously insane. It’s gotten to the point where you shouldn’t even engage them in conversation, you should just cross to the other side of the street and avoid eye contact with these freaks of nature.


Congressman, I served with Abe Lincoln. I knew Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln was a friend of mine. Congressman, you are no Abe Lincoln. .


Thank you for all that information. Hahah, when is the last time you got to rail on Greeley after someone else brought him up?

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Great picture. At least Neil Patrick Harris is out and open about his love of a man.


Not often enough. That’s why I took the opportunity and ran with it, baby!


More like Marie Antoinette.


R-IL is the only achievement you share, and the R doesn’t mean what it meant then.

Abe might forgive you. The best I can do is hope you come to realize that you need psychological treatment.


I’m just wondering if there’s some shadowy Norquist-like figure out there who’s quietly gotten almost every GOP politician to pledge to make every public utterance as contemptible, grandiose, and ridiculous as possible. It would explain a lot.


I will add that the original ProPublica article also points out that there were substantive arguments against Greeley’s accusations of “overcharging” by particular Congressmen:

[Thomas J.] Turner [(D-Ill)] pointed out that the Postmaster General had stopped using the postal route book Greeley used to compute mileage “in consequence of incorrectness.” . . . Others noted that the Mileage Committee independently determined mileage for each member based both on evidence provided by the member as well as on their own research, and that members themselves didn’t “charge” anything.

(Turner was on Greeley’s list as being overpaid for mileage by nearly $1000. It’s interesting that the map in the ProPublica article shows that overpayments tended to increase with the distance west from the East Coast, possibly because those were the most outdated routes in the mileage table.)

But yeah, he had a point that the law itself was at fault because it was badly in need of updating. Things don’t seem to have changed since Greeley’s day in that respect; there are still lots of federal laws on the books that are badly outdated and in need of updating, but I wouldn’t recommend holding one’s breath until Congress gets around to it.


Why mince words? Why don’t you tell us what you really think, dommyluc? :wink:

Jim Traficant was the real deal. Schock is nothing but a punk, a small-time thief boosting pocketbooks from old ladies carrying home their groceries.

And now that he’s channeling Lincoln maybe he should jump in the Republican clown car of presidential ‘contenders’.

My neighbor works in the office that coordinates moves on the Hill. She didn’t coordinate her colleagues did and I am dying to hear if there is anything that hasn’t been already mentioned in the press. My impression was there is.