Discussion: 'A Lot To Digest': Weight Of Virginia Scandals Comes Down On Black Caucus

That Herring’s teenage transgression is even being equated with the other two shows just far off the rails both the media and the Democrats have gone in their mural sanctimony.


As asked in another thread:

Here are some heterodox thoughts on the matter. Questions I have which in no way should be construed to indicate what I personally believe in this matter, but that I think need to be considered and discussed:

Shouldn’t whether or not Ralph Northam stays in office be up to Ralph Northam and the voters of Virginia to decide? I haven’t seen any reporting that indicates he violated any law, and it shouldn’t matter whether or not we approve of, condone, accept or excuse what he did.

Don’t we have a system and a process that should be allowed to work, irrespective of what some people believe is in the best interest of the Party? In the case of crimes being committed that process is through indictments and trials or through impeachment. In all other cases the ballot box should be where this is adjudicated, should Northam choose not to leave voluntarily.

Please discuss.


Unfortunately, the Franken situation and how the Democrats dealt with it is now coming back to haunt them. Zero tolerance is all fun and games until it costs us a legislature.


IMO: Gov/AG should just announce he isn’t running for re-election and then stop talking about the matter and move on. LG should resign if there is any truth to the allegations, big difference between a teenager dressing up in the 80’s and sexual assault.


VA Governor is term limited to one term, so that’s a non issue in this case.


Best idea I’ve heard yet. And I’m a Virginia voter.

They must all resign NOW!

Zero tolerance. Get them out.

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The real problem is the disturbing deep racism in VA. It is still going on now as evidenced by Northam’s handling of it. The cases are different, Northam is a racist without question as evidenced by his blackface, his submitting of the photo for the yearbook and his actions now. Herring I could see the voters giving a pass to because of his handling of it. One could surmise he has moved beyond his teenage transgression. This article reveals how insidious racism was at that medical school and is disturbing in how it is excused by Northams fellow alumni.


Virginians, maybe you could acknowledge that your history and culture have some serious issues? I’m not seeing this. It’s all focused on individuals and their unacceptable behaviors. What the hell? In what civil society would it ever be appropriate to entertain each other with depictions of intimidation and violence? Alternatively, continue treating the symptoms while ignoring the cause.


I’m actually surprised that I haven’t yet seen a single mention of Macaca. I mean, the man felt perfectly comfortable uttering that racist slur in public, despite knowing he was being taped while he said it! Racism, both internal and external, seems to permeate all of Virginia’s power elite.


The voters in Virginia voted for Democratic policies. If all three resign without replacement, the GOP will control and the voters in the state will be facing GOP policies they voted against.

Depending on the provisions in Virginia for replacing officials who resign, the Democrats may well not be able to name replacements without the consent of the GOP legislature.

When just one was in danger of leaving, punishing him would just punish him, if they all leave the voters get punished by bad policies.


So what, the party would have been stronger and in a better position if Franken were still in the caucus. Get them out.

Herring shouldn’t resign in any case. Even if we had the best Democrat on the planet waiting to take over. You can’t have a worthy career of decades be terminated by a noncriminal act of idiocy in high school.


This is C grade trolling.

Have a cup of coffee and try again.


THIS, 100X. Not one person has talked about how this was very clearly widely acceptable at the time (and likely still is). Northam and Herring are apologizing for doing it but giving no indication (at least in public) that they understand why they are apologizing. Actually talking about this shit would both be more productive and let them stay in office, yet no one seems to have any appetite for it.


He’s on a - what’s the opposite of a roll? a stall? - today.


Maybe just call for a special election for this November… Let the voters have their say.

And if this is what the Democrats have, I’m sure there’s even better stuff throughout the Republican caucus.

Ok. So what’s worse…wearing black face or keeping innocent people in prison for years after they’ve been proven innocent? Should Kamala Harris bow out of the race because she did just that when she was DA of CA?

Or is race the only thing that matters now? If you’re black you get a pass, if your white you resign?

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Herring’s case and Northam’s are different in many ways. Northam was older, so proud of what he did he published it, when it was revealed he did everything possible to justify it including lying. Northam does not seem remorseful and displays implicit racism today.
Herring came forward about an incident that was not known, he was in high school, living in a clearly racist state. Where is he today and where has he been in his mind since his youth? Those are the pertinent questions.

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