Discussion: 94-Year-Old Former Auschwitz Guard Goes On Trial In Germany

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Irrespective of the outcome of this trial, it is important that we continue to have historical records of what can happen when humans descend into behavior based on visceral hatred of “the other.”


Agreed. There are too many deniers out there - as the survivors die and can no longer testify in person, the deniers will win converts to their lies. The realization that had the Nazis prevailed, even if only by conquering Europe & by force & threat convincing the US govt to turn over American Jews, I wouldn’t have seen my 5th or 6th birthday.

Good! An old Nazi gets his comeuppance. Let his last days be passed rotting in a jail cell.

It will never be too late to bring the SS to Justice.

Curious, why haven’t SS guards been prosecuted for the past 70 years? Is it that they have, but the older prosecutions failed?

What a waste.

It’s like charging someone standing on a street corner with complicity in a hit and run because they are a witness.

Being there is not justification enough. They need to show complicity in a specific killing.


After the proceedings, he told the AP his main hope for the trial is that Hanning will tell his story so the world will better know what happened in Auschwitz and why SS guards did what they did.

“He’s an old man,” Schwarzbaum said. “He should tell the truth.”

There it is.

This is a textbook example of why we need to put more emphasis on critical thinking in American schools.


We did not hang enough of these bastards when we had the chance. Historians blame John McCloy, high commissioner for Germany after the war. He said “We’ve hanged enough Germans”. Translation: “They’re European and white”.

On the other hand, the Allies hanged something like 700 or so Japanese. Regular assembly line at the gallows at Sugamo Prison.

How soon will it be when it’s necessary to disinter corpses to put them on trial to defend against accusations that they, too, cannot remember much about?

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