Discussion: 6 Cities Chosen For Pilot Program To Curb Racial Bias After Police Shootings

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I would recommend that the DoJ just have the ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces do the job we pay them for.

• Arrest those engaging in fraud and treason with their peddling Ayn Rand/Reagan Trickle Down/Supply Side Satanomics that is murdering the middle class and is giving material aid to al-Qaeda vis-à-vis al-Qaeda’s goal to weaken America economically.
• Arrest those who crashed the financial system.
• Arrest those conspiring to commit mass murder on a global scale with AGW.

The skyrocketing economic growth that would result from there terrorists and fraudsters being removed from society would create economic conditions that would go a long way towards squashing this “other” BS, i.e. racism, that Conservatives have used to divide the country.

Once working class Whites realize that it wasn’t “the Blah people” (as Rick Santorum claims to have called them) or “The Takers” as many other Conservatives call African Americans, that was stealing most of the wealth created by their labors, a lot of this racist BS will disappear.

Lee Atwater, the original Karl Rove, once he realized that he was going to meet judgment day in his immediate future, confessed that saying “Tax Cuts” was nothing less, or more, than yelling “N-Word, N-Word, N-Word.”

How did Missouri get missed?