Discussion: 5 Points On Giuliani’s Bizarre Attempts To Dig Up Dirt For Trump In Ukraine

5 Points On Giuliani’s Bizarre Attempts To Dig Up Dirt For Trump In Ukraine

Five? I don’t even need one.


Treason, colluding with foreign governments out in the open, and not a word from Republicans.

Maybe they can swap their American Flag lapel pins for the more stylish gold hammer-and-sickle on a red star background.


Trump told Sean Hannity last month that Barr is reviewing the allegations of Ukrainian support for the Clinton campaign, which the President called “incredible.”



Giuliani should be behind bars.


"… that information will be very, very helpful to my client, and may turn out to be helpful to my government.” Rudes

Sorry, Rudes, but you have no intention to help our government. Your sole purpose is to defend that tax-dodger, Brokeahontas.


And learn to speak Russian.


This is what they HAD to do. Make up something “equal” to what they actually did.

Jailiani is going to be doing a lot of talking to a lot of people with the title of “Congressman/woman”.


More proof that the NYT will do in 2020 exactly what it did in 2016; Carry Water for Trump and his billionaire buddies.

Expect front-page “Exposes” (plural) of Biden (or whomever becomes the Democratic Presidential Candidate) with opaque sourcing, and unverifiable “quotes” from “Within the DOJ” on a daily basis. Just like they did with Hillary and the non-story of the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton E-Mails, the Clinton “Illnesses”, etc. etc. etc.

In return; More Tax Breaks for the owners/executives of the NYT, and more circulation/clicks.

Nothing sells NEWS like controversy (except maybe a WAR.)


Guiliani and Trump know they have to win the 2020 election to avoid prison. They are going “long” on enlisting foreign meddling to help. Russia isn’t enough. They also want money and false flag propaganda operations from Israel’s deplorable leader Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia, the Ukraine, and other regimes friendly to the Trump family.

It’s part of the Trump regime’s open assault on the Constitution and our freedoms.


You think just maybe Rudy is in it for:
a. the money?
b. the power?
c. sees himself as a man of international intrigue?
c. or, he just cannot loosen the glue on his lips from Trumpet’s posterior?


Well TRudy , what shit does Blobby have on you ?

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It’s important to make it as clear as possible that Giuliani is Trump’s personal lawyer, acting within his authority, and therefore acting on behalf of Trump personally. Trump is essentially doing this stuff.


Seems as if the orange demon’s admin is primping and posturing for exactly that with Iran. Wow, trumping (pun intended) up a war with Iran may be a greater feat than Cheney creating the great fiction to justify invading Iraq.

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And away we go?

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Actually he did not do anything at all and manage to create a scandal for Joe Biden. That’s how it works no, no need to have substance for a scandal anymore.

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But on the bright side, at least he has stopped talking about 9/11.


He’s got pictures of Rudy in drag.

Oh, wait, we’ve all seen those already.

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Is Judith Miller back at the NYT?


Yeah…really AMERICAN you bottom feeding POS…using the DOJ and you and Donnie’s personal ‘enforcers’…WTF? You don’t get what you feel you DESERVE from the USA so you fk it over? Helluva guy you turned out to be.

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