Discussion: 160 Workers Arrested In Immigration Raid At Texas Trailer Manufacturer

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That sounds like a trailer manufacturer who just got put out of business in one fell swoop. This is helpful to the country and the economy.


Ironic that the order came from the Oval Trailer…


In a statement, Load Trail called the raid “disappointing” and surprising, but pledged to cooperate with investigators to ensure that the consequences are borne by its employees and not itself.


O well, if it doesn’t bother them to lose all their workers for Trump then who cares if they go out of business?


Management was not available for arrest.


“Load Trail was knowingly hiring workers who were in the United States illegally.”

I once read about a New York company that knowingly hired workers who were in the United States illegally.

Only they were Polish.

And they built a really tall trailer where the Bonwit Teller building used to stand.

I wonder if the guy who hired them ever got arrested…


I wonder if the workers were thinking about forming a union.


Were company officials arrested? If they were knowingly hiring illegals they need to go to jail. My guess is no, they weren’t arrested because we never arrest the real bad guys. They make political donations.


Gee, I wonder where the tip came from.


Owned by a staunch republican Trumpster, I’m guessing!


Half True, and they were white aliens and they built one of the most beautiful building in the world,so it’s ok !


I wonder why ICE is not going after Hormel, IBP or Tyson? Seems they pick on the small guys.


I can’t figure out any method to ICE’s madness.

Jokes aside, let’s look at the issue.

This company has done this before and paid a fine. Obviously, it didn’t matter much because now they are repeat offenders. Maybe it didn’t matter because their business model allowed them to pay shitty wages to undocumented workers and just look the other way.

We have processes in place to verify if workers are eligible to be in the US and able to work. I can see one or ten slipping through the cracks. But, 160 and the company is a repeat offender?

The problem with all of the talk about immigration reform is we avoid the real issues. If we want to stop this type of abuse, then arrest the owners or the corporate heads of the company and put them in jail. This is a family owned company that has grown and done very well, and just guessing by location, they vote republican. I’m going to guess they are all for immigration reform and building a wall as long as they don’t have to pay the price or better wages and benefits

Who really suffers here are the employees who are just trying to earn a living, raise a family and live their lives.


This is red meat.

Trump’s base is being shown that the current administration is doing everything possible to terrorize “those people.”

I assume it’s working. Trump & Sessions really are delivering on their promise to make America white again. Obviously, Rome wasn’t ethnically-cleansed in a day.

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“Load Trail called the raid “disappointing” and surprising, but pledged
to cooperate with investigators to ensure that the consequences are
borne by its employees and not itself”.

Yes, I have often wondered about that. In a deeply red county here in Calif. I naively asked why the employers weren’t prosecuted to the same extent as the undocumented and, well, they yelled at me for being so vicious and insensitive to the needs of the business.


Without going into the ramifications, this is almost a traditional event in Texas. Somehow they managed to miss all those people when getting the I-9s and other information together Which also makes me wonder, were they paid under the table? Management will not go to jail, they will likely pay a token fine and then back to business as usual. The Human Resources manager may take the biggest hit when he or she is terminated as a sacrifice to appearances.

Would not be surprising at all. For all this gnarly, anti-foreigner malaise, they created the problem. Cheap, compliant labor is always a plus with this types. They play the odds that their business will not be hit.


Deport the business to Mexico.

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So are the other trailer companies angry because Load Trail uindercut them by using undocumented workers, or is Load Trail the only one who didn’t contribute to someone’s benevolent fund?