Discussion: 16 Firefighters On Leave After Sex-Tape Inquiry Linked To Chief's Murder Charge

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As my mother used to say “playing with fire will get you burned”.

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Mother Fruckers…

Com’on: say it - you KNOW you want to … WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRE!

Gosh, that’s gotta feel so much better. Now we can all rationally assess the news that 16 fireman are currently suspended pending the results of a search for a sex tape the existence of which is currently said to be in doubt indirectly implying without actually asserting directly that either it never existed and this ‘search’ is simply misconstruction of a police investigation into murder or hell yeah that tape was made this is a firehall folks they gotta do something to fill all the dead time and take their minds off the flames of horrible suffering and death and out of the tens of thousands of firehalls in America this is not exactly the only one full of hornballs who use sex to combat boredom and sublimate fears about mortality.

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