Discussion: 1 Killed After Car Hits Crowds Of Pedestrians On Las Vegas Strip

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Guaranteed: find a Teatroll KKKomment board somewhere and they’re ranting about “now they’re going to ban and confiscate all cars!!111!!!one!”

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But we don’t need easy access to mental health care.

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If it turns out that the driver is Muslim, then it’s obvious proof that all Muslims are out to kill Americans and they should all be deported.

If it turns out the driver is Christian, well, hey, what does that have to do with anything?

– Every right-wing, tea-party commentator

For the record, yes I still want to ban guns and not cars and it is still perfectly logical to make the distinction between the two.

And they never realize that cars are registered and you have to take a test to be able to legally drive them, and you get that taken away if you break the rules, or have issues that prevent you from driving safely, etc…

Have they said which Palin?

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Thank god it was only some crazy person instead of a Muslum, otherwise Trump would now be a 65%!

TP driver? Was it outside the tsj mahal? If the victims turn out to be Muslims will the TP rally behind the “patriotic” driver?

I plan to visit Las Vegas for the first time in a couple of months. Who needs casinos for gambling excitement? I’ll just walk on the sidewalks!

(What? Too soon?)

The blond nitwit anchor on CNN this morning was wondering if this was terrorism .