Dems have a chance to pick up senate, what does your state look like?

With Scalia's death the Senate is even more important. If we win enough Senate seats to tie, or even take over the senate the Supreme Court seat or seats would be safe. In my humble opinion either of the Dem press. nominees would be good for the country and not that far aport on issues. Not a view espoused by partisans of either candidate but true. So primates who live in states with an open seat or good candidates capable of winning, what is the news and what issues are driving the race? Are their polls yet? Does either of the presidential candidates have coat tails (realistically folks, not what their major issues will theoretically do) Does the candidate in your state have the money necessary, i.e. who needs the bucks the most?
In my state, Washington, Patty Murray is running again. While it should be a relatively easy seat to hold, a dark wave of conservatism is appearing. The state Senate is controlled by the Repugs, and the state house has lost a few seats. We get folks out during the Presidentail elections, so that will help. Dollars do not appear to be a big problem for Murray, she always has a sizable war chest.