De Blasio Endorses Sanders In 2020 Primary: ‘He Stands With Working Families’ | Talking Points Memo

New York City mayor and former 2020 candidate Bill de Blasio endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the Democratic primary on Friday.

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Any trenchant analysis on what Sanders promised DeBlasio should Sanders become president?


I don’t want to hear anyone say that Bernie’s ideas are impossible. This notion that Sanders is promising everyone unicorns is just a ridiculous smear. If you bothered to read his actual platform, it’s well-established that his policies are based on magical ponies, not unicorns. Unicorns have wings and don’t exist, whereas everyone knows that magical ponies do not need wings to fly, and are dedicated to lives of public service sprinkling faerie dust in the world of imagination. So, c’mon people, let’s not have any baseless attacks.


Was Bernie heard yelling Please Don’t??? hahahahaha

Sorry but I fail to see how this is a good endorsement when deBlasio has had nothing but problems.


“I am standing with Bernie because he stands with working families, and always has,” de Blasio said in his endorsement. “New Yorkers know all too well the damage caused by Donald Trump’s xenophobia, bigotry and recklessness, and Bernie is the candidate to take him on and take him down.”



Go, Bernie!
I guess De Blasio did this because Sanders is the front runner.

Kiss of death?


he should have waited.

Maybe Super Tuesday decides this, but all of the good words that De Blasio gave him, ignores that Bernie is a flawed candidate and that includes the subjects that Trump is a master in.


Food for thought…

In fairness, Bernie wasn’t the first to get pranked…


Indeed, Bernie’s policy positions are not that radical. The flaw is electability. Getting those two mixed up is just lazy, yet adopting a Republican voice to say “tut, tut!” about Sanders’ positions is common even among Democrats. Fear of Trump has robbed people of the courage of their convictions.


Just two bros from Brooklyn hangin’. One who doesn’t live there sounds as if he still does, the one who actually does live there doesn’t. Maybe he thinks the mayor that is running will be burned by this endorsement. Ha!


Free education for everyone, even those who can afford it sounds unicornish. A medical plan he can’t come up with a price for also unicornish. This is not a attack, BTW, just two statements of fact.


Um, what? Is your sarcasm meter broken? “Courage of convictions”? You mean “spouting impossible nonsense,” right?


Regarding just the first item about health insurance, there’s this from a critique of the health insurance industry, and then it gets even worse.

A patient having a heart attack is taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital and gets hit with a bill of over $100,000 because that hospital wasn’t in his insurance network. A patient selects an in-network provider for a minor procedure, like a colonoscopy, only to be billed thousands for the out-of-network anesthesiologist and pathologist who participated.

And yet, no one with authority in Washington has done much of anything about it.

Here’s why: Major sectors of the health industry have helped to invent this toxic phenomenon, and none of them want to solve it if it means their particular income stream takes a hit. And they have allies in the capital.

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Oh, and PS: AOC and other berniacs have backtracked on M4A. Now, they’re saying that POTUS can’t just wave a magic wand and create M4A and that it would take incremental steps to implement. Huh.

The Bernie supporters who accused me and others of being mass murderers for accurately stating that his "pure" #M4All bill has zero chance of actually happening & some "lesser" healthcare reform plans would be just fine are owed one hell of an apology.

— Charles Gaba (@charles_gaba) February 14, 2020

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. A lot of people I know who would have agreed with Sanders positions if you had asked them about them in the abstract, will still use rhetoric about him being too “radical” because they believe he is unelectable. That’s what I meant by abandoning their convictions.

If we want to talk about electability that is a different discussion. There are voters with bad 2016 feelings, there is age and health, and there is diversity of support. As a Warren supporter, half of those are true of her and I think she would beat Trump, but I am not sure about Sanders. So the argument needs to be about electability, but Trump is running on no health care plan, no gun control, regressive taxation, and no foreign policy achievements, so buying into the Republican messaging on Sanders being so “radical” is not being accurate.

ETA sarcasm meter indeed broken


Oh, great — another post that can’t tell the difference between a unicorn and a magical pony fueled by faerie dust. Not the same thing, people.


There was a recent article in the Atlantic, a profile about Warren, talking about whether her background as a republican would harm her. I said in a post to someone only her enemies would use it. Someone replied, “Those would be the Bernie Bros.” It’s a strange and terrible thing to run a campaign where one’s hard core group of supporters are thought to be so unsupportive of anyone but him and ready to do damage.


I live on Planet Earth. I can see reality quite clearly, thank you very much. So quit talking about things that don’t exist, unicorn and a magical pony fueled by faerie dust, and give us some plain talk.

Um, you may be agreeing with me, but I’m not agreeing with you. Bernie’s platform is idiotic and ludicrous. For Bernie and his cult to scold everyone else based on positions that are not reality based just piles on the idiocy.