Country Station Killed Buttigieg Interview Under False Pretenses

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg sat down to talk with a popular country music radio host in an attempt to reach voters outside the “traditional political media bubble,” according to his campaign — so why did his interview never air?

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In other words it was a really good interview that would have shot holes in everything Trump and his fartcatchers stand for so they decided not to run it.


Oh, it was b/c of the equal time rule?

As Blake Shelton might say, thats some Pure BS.


Can’t have an articulate, intelligent gay guy talking to the Red-Staters, they might start realizing that he actually makes sense and supports things that would be beneficial to them.


The reason is more like, bad enough to have an interview with a Dem candidate, but the gay one who is also a combat veteran and Rhodes Scholar? That would really confuse the Toby Keith fans.

And I say that as a country music fan. We’re not all rednecks by a long shot. Time people like those at Cumulus realized that.


I presume Cumulus knew that before the interview was conducted? Sounds like they made this BS up because the interview went well for Buttigieg. Imagine if the rules imposed on Democrats actually applied to Trump also?


If they can’t handle the Dixie Chicks, you know they can’t handle Mayor Pete.


I am old enough to remember when “equal time” was a real thing.




" since he is — how should we put this — gay.”

Ya think? That would make a difference? C’mon, these are good ol’ boys who have the “milk of human kindness by the quart in every vein.” They wouldn’t get upset by that. And the chant at Phat Boy’s rally wasn’t racist either.

Oh, barf!


Pete was doing fine until he performed his cover of “Old Town Road.”


was Brokeback Mountain not well received as a movie in the area?:skull::cowboy_hat_face::skull:


If that economist who made headlines at Davos for proposing a wealth tax could record his side of an interview with Tucker Carlson and publicize that, this sort of delayed-air two-step can and should be avoided in the future - especially with suspected antagonistic hosts or producers - by recording B roll at the point of the candidate being interviewed. Then no worries about any he said/they said because Pete or whomever could just post the interview.

Then see if the country host can defend the audio to his listeners if any seek it out and ask why he hid from the interview.

As of now, though, all you got is a process story. Buttigieg is great copy for process stories, but he needs better coverage than that to advance.

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But no worries, folks, if you’re a Trump supporter we have a special treat for you, a band of hot babes from the Czech Republic who can play and sing after a fashion and bounce around in scanty costumes and it’s damn well good enough for you, you slobs.


this story needs some context. Like, do they regularly interview people who support Trump?

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I operated under the Equal Time rule for over 18 years and this is extraordinary bullshit.

So, here is the list of their stations nationwide.

Let them know you will stop listening to them (if you do) or monitor them for advertisers and let them know you will be letting their advertisers know you will not be patronizing them.

Or, if you want to get really aggressive, let them know you plan to organize a challenge to their license when it comes up for renewal. Have some fun!


I actually like that video… you know… the same way I used to read Playboy for the articles


Shorter explanation: One of our biggest sponsors made a call and we killed the story.


Apparently Blair Garner was kinda hacked off - Here’s his statement from his personal FB Page: I’m not a political guy. My radio show isn’t political, nor does it aspire to be.

I’m just the host of a syndicated Country music program who loves his country - both the amazing land in which we live, and the outstanding music from today’s Country artists.

The phrase, “I love my Country” is one that I state proudly and without reservation. I mean it to my core.

I was stunned when we were contacted by Mayor Pete’s team requesting an interview. Absolutely stunned.

Since Country music tends to lean in a conservative direction, I was surprised. But more than surprised, I was EXTREMELY flattered. One of the few truly viable candidates in the race raised his hand and asked for a place at the table. I was willing to give him that seat.

I would have also given a seat to any other viable candidate, from both sides. The only condition? They must also value and appreciate our listeners, and never treat them as pawns.

Nobody else reached out. I assume nobody else even thought to reach out.

The interview is twenty minutes in total length. I was proud of it. But in the end, I was told that I couldn’t air it.

Again, I would have GLADLY welcomed any other viable candidates to be a guest, especially President Trump. To my thinking, the best way to a reasoned, thoughtful position on any topic, is to hear from both sides.
Regardless, the interview was killed.

I did, however, ask for permission to post the interview on my own personal SoundCloud account. I was given that blessing, and I am happy to share it with you there.


It’s like a Russ Meyer film reimagined as a Central European country band. If there are certain inauthentic and frankly a bit clumsy aspects to the musical side that’s secondary to the whole concept. One commenter said he would listen to them banging tin cans together.