Club For Growth Backs Rubio | Talking Points Memo

This morning’s lesson: In politics, money can buy you love.

The Club For Growth, a key player in the GOP conservative-vs.-moderate drama unfolding across the country, endorsed Marco Rubio in the Florida senate race. Rubio has long espoused the values of the Club, but it had declined to publicly back him against Gov. Charlie Crist in the GOP primary after early fundraising numbers showed Rubio sputtering out against Crist’s legendary money machine. But that was before declining poll numbers and the conservative anger at Crist’s support of President Obama’s stimulus package pushed Rubio into the national spotlight. Crist’s fundraising has declined, while Rubio’s has grown at an exponential pace. That, it seems, has pushed the Club For Growth off the fence in Florida and squarely into the Rubio camp.From the Club press release this morning:

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