Closed Topics on the Hive

Why are some topics marked with a lock and closed? For instance the topic about Loretta Lynch recusing herself from HRC prosecutions is closed.

Well there's generally only 1 reason a thread gets closed, and that's at the request of the thread initiator. In the particular instance you're referring to, our troll in residence created a topic designed solely to troll, with a copy and paste job from a VRWNM really the only 2 reasons you'll see threads closed are at the request of the topic originator, and when our resident troll gets way too out of line.

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I believe the mods will note if a thread is closed by request of OP or for some other reason. Check the thread for the last post by a known mod.

If the topic is posted without a category then it gets locked automatically until it is assigned a category. Can you not reply to it now? I can...

We will close a thread at the request of the OP if they feel it has been co-opted or no longer serves its original purpose. We will also close a thread if we determine that it serves no purposed but to enrage, enflame and spread disinformation.

To be clear, though, the only actions we would take at the OP's request is to close/re-open a thread.