Closed thread = sock puppet wins

The Discussion: McCain Scrambles After Saying Obama ‘Responsible’ For Orlando Attack seems to have been closed because a sockpuppet spammed the thread and was flagged. Yet it managed to get the thread closed by the mods. SO it seems the troll won that round.

Why is the thread still closed?

How does that work? Sock-puppet troll gets to decide what we can discuss?

Perhaps it was closed to tidy it up before reopening it?

I was chasing the troll, but I did not intentionally close the thread. It says "temporarily" so it may be an automatic response. Bear with me as I learn the ropes.

Thanks for asking the question.


Thank you tomwright.


I reopened the thread.

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Thank you Mike.


Seems to be an automatic fail safe. Probably a net positive.

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Vinny is correct. When multiple flags are thrown the system will close the thread until a moderator can take action.

Yesterday was an unusual convergence of a persistent puppet and of a bunch of right-wing types brought here by a link on Drudge Report to a story on TPM.

I'm sure Mods love a link in the Drudge Report (sarcasm)
That must be a nightmare.


Well, yesterday there was a mix. Our usual sockpuppet was here. But that doesn't take much more time or effort to remove.

The crowd that came from Drudge was, except for a couple who were dealt with, no less civil than the regular posters.

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