Can threads be viewed as organized by conversation?

Is there an option to view a thread organized as a conversation? By conversation I mean by post with its indented replies WITHOUT repeating the individual replies in the stream? Currently the latter is what happens when I click on Replies on an individual post, i.e. that post and it's replies are organized by coversation but those same replies are still listed individually in the stream. In addition Replies must be clicked on each post that has replies to read it in this manner, I am unable to find anything which automatically organizes the entire thread. If this is currently not an option, I'd like to see it added to the enhancements list.

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There is no such option for threaded views in the Discourse software. A key programmer does not believe that threaded views are a good model for discussion software and has stated, "[A]ny change to post stream is 10/10 in engineering difficulty due to the massive numbers of assumptions we've made about it being in perfect chronological order since 2013." A co-founder of Discourse has suggested that such a modification should have a budget in the $50K range.

Given the complexity of creating such a change, and the problems it would almost certainly create when implementing Discourse software updates, it is difficult for me to see TPM pushing in that direction.

Well, if I had an extra $50k laying around, I definitely think it would be worth it. The "key programmer" makes some good points but his reasoning is a classic example of "perfect getting in the way of good enough." Thanks for your response, aaron!