Border Patrol, ICE Detained US-Born Citizen For Over Three Weeks

Over three weeks ago, Customs and Border Patrol agents arrested an 18-year-old American citizen who was born in Texas, and he was held under the custody of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency until Tuesday.

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Brown folks live in a police state now.


The checkpoints have been there for decades.

Sounds like they will be getting a big check for what appears to be a clear section 1983 violation.


Shameful and illegal, and it’s sad we’ve put up with that shit.

“Deine papiere, bitte!” is not American, and going around inside our own fucking country we should never be subject to that without cause.


But not incarcerating citizens for weeks at a time.


Are you kidding me?

They will be getting a big bill for “summer camp.”


And this was all before this “expedited deportation” rule went into effect today.


From wikipedia:

By July 1941, Justice Department officials had decided that the INS would oversee the internment of enemy aliens arrested by the FBI should the U.S. enter the war, and immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor these plans went into effect. By December 10, three days after the attack, the INS had 1,291 Japanese, 857 German and 147 Italian nationals in custody.[8] These “enemy aliens,” many of whom had resided in the United States for decades, were arrested without warrants or formal charges. They were held in immigration stations and various requisitioned sites, often for months, before receiving a hearing (without benefit of legal counsel or defense witnesses) and being released, paroled or transferred to a Department of Justice internment camp.

The bad times are coming back again.


I was speaking to those particular checkpoints.

Actually, Eisenhower deported quite a number of citizens.

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Just a reminder that we’ll never know all of what went on in the early days of the Muslim ban, when CBP turned U.S. airports into black sites and detained people without allowing them to contact lawyers, relatives or elected officials.


Vote for me. What have you got to lose?


We all do.
I was driving home this midday from out patient surgery. I got to a majo intersection here in Tucson. Up comes a vehicle next to me and it was an ICE 4X4. The driver and fellow agent in the passenger seat to careful scrutiny of all the drivers around them. Clearly they were looking for anyone not fitting their preconceived notion of what an American should look like.
It was unnerving to say the least
That young man was held for three weeks. Three weeks. I suspect there could be some sort of legal proceeding on his behalf and against ICE pro bono for some enterprising lawyer.


Ain’t White Privilege nice? Got pulled over by a (rather cute, must say) cop for speeding (legit catch). Everything friendly, I admitted it straight up, she took a bit off the speed and gave me the minimum over that would trigger a ticket, wished her a nice day and was on my way…


Beto O’Rourke :heavy_check_mark: @BetoORourke

This is good news. But Francisco should never have been in custody in the first place—let alone for three weeks. We must demand accountability and we must demand justice.

Beto my friend, Justice would be firing the agents who arrested this kid. Justice would be having his record expunged and totally cleared. Justice would be a personal written apology from all ICE people involved in this case to that young man.And have the apology done in public. Justice would be never having this shit happen again to an American citizen.

Sadly I predicted this would happen. And worse…Americans will be deported because of their skin color.


To be fair (which I hate to be), dunno if you read the whole details. Kid’s mom apparently applied for a passport tourist visa for him as a baby that put his place of birth as Mexico, different from what was on his birth certificate. So there are legit questions in official files on the kid.

That said, that shit should be handled elsewhere than ICE, as the kid has all of his stuff from birth certificate on up.


Three months ago I was on my way (my dog, a red tick coonhound, was riding shotgun). Passing a dry river bed that has a popular bike path next to it I slow down. By a crosswalk I put my hazard lights on and I stopped as 5 cyclists crossed the road in a pack. I continue on my way toward a local dog park. I see coplights… I pull over. Nice young lady cop congratulated me on my careful driving. I was nonplussed. The dog wagged her tail calmly. Cop says "nice dog you have’. I went on my way.
Had that been ICE the result would have been different I expect.


…Just waiting for the “Kill!” order to launch…

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ICE – Trump’s version of the Gestapo.


Aww c’mon now…
This dog??