AVATAR How To as of 2015

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I was always looking to do this from my profile page inside the Hive. Guess I should have realized it would be in the main site somewhere.

Now that I know how easy it is I've changed my avatar twice today. The old avatars have flown the coop for good.

Time to reload or replace if you are stuck with an empty box or one of those colorful letters.

Any hints on how to resize and what the limits might be?

Never mind. I guess that will do.

If you show up as a letter in a box or don't show up at all, it might be time to give in and load a new avatar.

See first post in this thread for easy instructions.

Oh, alright, alright.

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My high school pic, f course.

OH, I guess you are older than me.

Oh, I'm sure I am.

You know how it is--I'm a bit chicken to post anything too personal.

Aw, you shouldn't have. I do miss my old avatar...

In fact, I miss yours and @stlounick's and probably some others I'm not remembering just now. I think @Halcyan still has hers, but we don't see it much any more disappointed. Same with @stephen_maturin, @Sooner and a bunch of others.

Sigh. Change is good...change is good...change is inevitable...

My older penguin picture was from the St. Louis Zoo Penguin Walk. Penguins who want to walk freely outdoors take a short walk outside when the weather is cold enough during the winter months. I've watched them sled on their bellies down small slopes and even attempt getaways to a longer slope. But my new one is of my poodle (one of two) when he was a puppy.

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Another change of avatar! Now your avatar looks like Colbert in drag innocent

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Tsk, tsk, that's Emma Goldman's mugshot .I think she looks like me.

Actually, I think she looks more like me than I do.

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OH, look at that frog. I have a backup frog pic as a possible avatar. Have a really cute ballerina chicken, but it doesn't read when shrunk to avatar size. First world problems...

Posting to see if I do, in fact, have an avatar <3

I can see it (for now, anyway)!

when I very first post, I see nothing. Then the bland "H" pops up. I have to leave the page and come back in order to see my orca. But I can see your pic now!! Welcome back!!

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I see it, Halcyan.