Autopsy: Unusual Bone Breakages Deepen Mystery Of Epstein’s Death

Literacy clearly eludes you:

  1. “those are the questions”.

  2. If Epstein killed himself in custody, particularly after having been put on suicide watch and then taken off, that is clearly negligence by the jail staff: QED. I suppose you could argue it was less than criminal – I dare you to try.

  3. “if somebody can prove he had help”

What part of plain English confuses you?

BTW – your use of “posit” is misconceived, since (lawyer-like) it creates a box into which anything else must be placed.

I’m not proposing explanations. I’m noting that if this or that is true, than the other thing (or something else) must be true.

That’s how actual investigations are conducted. You know, the stuff that happens before lawyers show up?

實事求是 means that you find facts, and build from them.

The part that expresses itself through your writing.

LOL – you’re not very good at this. English doesn’t express itself.

It’s not complicated. Either Epstein killed himself, or he was murdered. If he did kill himself, he may have had help.

Am I going too fast for you?

If Epstein killed himself by himself (that is, without help), that in itself is proof of serious negligence (I would argue, criminal negligence) by the jail staff. Are you actually claiming that’s not so? Be clear.

If Epstein had help killing himself, that proves a criminal conspiracy, precisely as I stated. Are you saying that he could have had help offing himself in a way that was not a criminal conspiracy? Please explain that bullshit.

Writing maketh an exact man.

(Since I noted the baseball analogy, that wellspring of wisdom: what I’m doing here is making sure to get the lead runner first. Then you can try for a double play – but don’t get the hitter at first before the lead runner unless you have no choice, cuz then you lose the force out and everything gets more difficult.)

Classic story of a guy who can’t see his wife because she has a protective order against him but he does get to see his kid. So he gives the child a white rose and ask that the child to let his wife know that he is thinking of her. The problem? He told his wife that he would kill her and put white roses on her grave.

Any number of innocent appearing ways to transmit a message.

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“Rollo Tomasi.”

[According to the New York Post] she was spotted at an In-N-Out Burger in Universal City, Los Angeles

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Before that photo came out, earlier there was speculation she was in France.

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Totally agree. I have absolutely no idea what happened either, but if and when the truth finally comes out… let’s just say I won’t be shocked if it contradicts the official story. This has all played out a little too cinematically for me. Plus, there isn’t much I’d put past any member of this administration or its various enablers and associates and goons. Laws are for little people. They’ve shown that time and time again. Their “governance” is just one big F.U. to the rest of us.


One of Saddam Hussein’s henchmen was hung and his head was torn right off. Might have been more than a 5-foot drop.

Before reading this I would not have considered the “moral courage” requirement, but of course it makes sense. This lack of moral courage had let to a complete abdication of his duty as commander in chief. When the first soldier died due to questionable decision (window went to first State of the Union), Donald asked publically why he and not the Pentagon was making these decisions. After that, he let the Pentagon drive the bus. He is just so weak.


It would take a Russian size conspiracy to pull this off. But we live in the USA where that is just not possible. OUR people are just too honest and trustworthy. OUR elected officials and their appointees would never lie to us. Would they?
Welcome to Putin’s America.

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Actually his lawyers did comment on this in a Post story a few days ago. They say he was attacked by the dirty cop former cellmate, which is why they argued to have him taken off suicide watch. They didn’t see him as a suicide risk because he hadn’t actually tried to kill himself. In fact they mention how he was always in “great spirits” and almost delusional in his absolute confidence he’d win his case on the grounds of double jeopardy.

The source also mentioned how he wanted bail so he could cooperate with authorities?! Maybe someone has better insight on why he’d need bail to signal cooperation, but to me that quote strongly suggested he thought if he were out on bail he could produce additional evidence implicating others which he could then use as leverage in negotiating a deal.


Of all people, Peggy Noonan had a great column about this today. She pointed out that back in the great days of the NY tabloids, Breslin would have known the guy in the next cell and at least one of the sleeping guards; Pete Hamill would’ve known the sister of the duty nurse at the ER who would have told him what the EMTs were saying after they brought Epstein in.

Now, she writes (in imitation of Mike McAlary), the newsrooms are empty – and not because everybody is out working their sources: they’ve all got cable gigs, as if news happens in green rooms: “branding the brand on cable so the brand is being branded.”



What’s with the doubt about hanging. If the guy hung himself you’d find him hanging. There’d be no doubt. He’d be hanging or on the floor with the rope or whatever he hung himself with around his neck. A fractured hyoid bone doesn’t mean squat. It’s a fragile bone that serves as a part of the “hyoid apparatus” which allows the larynx to float for vocalization. Hang the guy or strangle the guy you probably break it.

If he hung himself that’s how you’d find him. What’s the doubt based on?

First episode whether he was choked by his cellmate, per Epstein’s lawyers and why they wanted him off suicide watch or whether it was a suicide attempt.
Second episode, whether there was some assistance in the process.

The fascination with Epstein’s death is obviously the tantalizing prospect of really nailing somebody hard for an even worse crime (my opinion).

That sounds too much like deflection to me. I want to know how Epstein lived, because, if he was murdered, his murderer is tied up in his organized crime activities against children, and that we know about because the children are talking and I believe them.

Trump knew. Why didn’t he ever say anything to authorities?

Lots of billionaires and millionaires knew. These, the elite who lecture us about our morals. These, who steal our wealth, claiming to be better businessmen. They knew. They know today!

Find them all and hang them all.

A broken hyoid bone it appears is more frequently found in manual strangulation than in a self hanging. According to an article one of our posters linked to a broken hyoid bone is found in about 30 percent of self hangings being more likely is the person is older and if the hanging position is sideways. So while a broken hyoid bone makes murder somewhat more likely, it by no means rules suicide out.

We can’t know if Socks is dead until we look at him.