Association (Rules) Football

Association Football is the most popular sport in the world. In the US, only baseball is played by more members of household than Association Soccer. It is more and more popular. American games like baseball and basketball have become popular abroad. The Canadian Hockey is a major international sport. American football is sui generis and decreasingly popular and is now seen as dangerous. Yet football has a strangle hold on division 1 college sports and professional football. It is a perfect example of the control of American life by oligarchs. Soccer is a misnomer - it comes from this (asSOCiation Rules Football). Association football was created in the UK by an association of six public (so-called in contradistinction to schools run by holy orders i.e. parochial) school. The seventh public school was Rugby which did allow the ball to be touched. Hence Rugby Football both union and league (simply put these two versions came about because of the role of class in English life).

Isn’t time to get rid of the incredibly boring and dangerous American football. It stops and starts more than and 1988 Yugo.

To me the very existence of American football is that it is the poster boy to American ignorance, stupidity and brute force. It is only kept alive by the oligarchs who own teams, the TV networks and sports organizations pretending to be educational institutions.

College athletes don’t get paid. The sports programs eat up a lot of money (and it is unclear whether they are really cost effective). If a production of a play put on by a college drama program were to be shown on TV, the students would be paid at union rates if not more.

The other bad actor in all this the NCAA. It is dreadful, corrupt, and fraudulent.

I fully believe in the role of sport and athletics, but football has to go if only to let a far more popular and better sport take over and also to prevent brain damaged players.

I like association football a lot. But my favorite sports are rugby union, skiing, and cycling.

The women of the US just won the world cup (Fifa-that’s French). That should be the biggest deal in the American sports world now.