Army Secretary Confirms That Vindman Will Not Be Investigated

Sure Karma is getting Rush, but couldn’t she have done the rest us a solid in the process and gone with throat cancer so at least we no longer had to hear from him.

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May It Be So.

You are correct, he is a vet, but civilian appointed member. Funny thing is, his F’ing Chief of Staff is a 4 star officer!

Go away bad dream.

Why he wears the baggy pants. By the way, incontinency is one of the symptoms of dementia.

He’ll never be recommended for promotion to full bird while Ebola is the commander-in-chief.

They don’t have to have anything to investigate. All they have to do is force him to hire lawyers and keep paying them until he’s bankrupt. The pumpkin traitor has been doing that to his enemies his entire adult life.

Me, too, until I read that horror story about the Pumpkin Traitor berating the military brass in the Pentagon, calling them stupid and babies, and not a single military officer stood up to him. Only Tillerson, never in the military but the proud son of a WWII combat vet, dared to call trump out.

I no longer have any faith that the military will save us from the walking orange catastrophe. They will obey him to the last, final order to nuke San Francisco.

No mystery. They wouldn’t stand up for themselves in that horrific Pentagon meeting, and they won’t stand up for the troops his stupid actions have mutilated. Even those troops I will venture still love and worship the Pumpkin Traitor and blame the liberal, Democratic deep state for their woes.

I worked for a retired one-star who ranked the Combat Infantry Badge above even the Silver Star, second only to the Medal of Honor. In his day (Vietnam), you had to be enlisted to get it; officers weren’t eligible.

You have to endure 30 consecutive days under enemy fire to get the CIB. It’s fucking serious.


Which is the way it should be: civilians in charge of four-stars.

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Narcissus slew my 59th great grandfather and I’m sometimes thinking that it may happen once more.

Bandoliers over their shoulder and sometimes a monkey sitting on the other, their skin reddled with laterite soil, just off the slick and time enough to get a money order or mail a package, horror in their eyes. I felt like bowing every time I saw that CIB. I know; not too correct herabouts, but that is the way I still feel. The fucking horror of it and fifty years later we have such a puke in the Oval Office.

If I had to guess, I’d say the sin we’re being punished for is being unserious about our responsibilities as citizens in a democracy. Just a guess, like I said.

OK back on topic for just a moment, I noticed at least one person here sneering about McCarthy having done this because he’s still working in the government while Trump is president which makes you a BAD MAN. Now while I hate to be argumentative (haha just kidding I love to argue), I have to point out that this McCarthy is blandly, dismissively bucking the most insanely vindictive president we’ve ever had in the defense of a fine and blameless public servant. If you think that’s not a little special in terms of showing character then feel free to tell me about an episode in your own life that’s at all comparable or makes him look naughty and small by comparison. Trump is seeking, with all the power of the executive branch behind him, to destroy the life of anyone who does that. Seems like doing the right thing anyway isn’t something to sneer at. :clap:


Most of us don’t mean it in the strictest theological sense, which most of us (I mean I) don’t of course know. When I say “karma” I’m really saying that I’ve tended to notice that what goes around comes around. For instance, I suspect Pence doesn’t love Trump quite as much as his adoring expression and fawning verbiage suggest. That might be true of others. When you bully everyone around you it can come back to bite you, and it won’t take aeons and aeons to happen either once the downward leg starts. : )

And what about the money for improving base housing and infrastructure that was mis-appropriated into building the wall?

The officers are fed up with this, so says an insider, but I’ve found more than a few non-officers who are just peachy keeny fine with this guy, so I don’t know what the military in general would do.

I don’t think the Executive branch has any input to that.

In any case, when we do our jobs in November, the stall will be merely temporary and short-lived.

Trump wants Vindman investigated for telling the truth.
Just what I would expect of trump. There are no words I can use here to describe my true reaction.

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Next SOTU??? In front of EVERYone…

ETA: Presented by Chasten???

You can rest assured that the military has been working hard from the onset of this administration, just like the intelligence folks, to set things right for our republic…or else for Putin, Trump and their Congressional Banana Republicans.