Aileen Cannon Threatens To Sanction MAL Prosecutors

NYT headline: Emerging Portrait of Judge in Trump Documents Case: Prepared, Prickly and Slow.


She knows what she is doing. Plus, I would bet that she’s getting coached by some behind the curtain lawyer (maybe even judges) on what to do so as to avoid any real fuck-ups.

The repukes don’t want judges who follow the law and protocol. They just want rubber stamps. And she fits that description to a tee.


I owe you a drank. Hope you like Orange FlavorAid!!! /s

There are lots of reasons for the rise of authoritarian populism/populist authoritarianism, but there’s one that maybe doesn’t get enough attention: sclerosis of our (mildly) democratic institutions. Representation is compromised by hierarchical, complex party institutions. It’s gotten easier and easier for monied interests to get their way. Getting anything done is just too damned hard. Frustrated, people either give up or find the quick fixes promised by authoritarians appealing.


That pretty well sums it up. The reason Republicans are devoted to Trump is because he relieves them of the painful burden of thinking for themselves. Thinking is an activity which is in any case verboten among Christian fundamentalists (the most reliable part of his base).


More like, “She’s in the bag” for Trump. She knows where her bread is buttered and she is looking forward to another Trump term. I still can’t believe that she is married to a mobster and she is now a Federal Judge.


Awwww, poor Donnie:


Reason #298 why we cancelled our NYTimes subscription.

“Prepared” Yes, completely ready to assist Trump.
“Prickly” Yes, but only for the DOJ prosecutors.
“Slow” Yes, again, only for Trump’s benefit.


It’s a shitty headline, but writers of articles don’t usually write the headlines. The article says very clearly that she’s playing into Trump’s strategy of delaying the trial, while leaving the motive – whether it’s incompetence or she’s in the tank for Trump – up to the reader. I think that’s appropriate for a fact-based article that isn’t part of the Opinion section.

Here’s an un-paywalled link to the whole article:


I read a report this morning where the neighbor’s daughter called Martha-Ann a C U NEXT TUESDAY, after the Supreme Court Justice’s wife spit at the neighbor’s car.

Is it just me, or am I losing my mind with all of this nonsense? Daily Trump bullshit, and now a sitting Supreme Court Justice and his wife are making daily news for just incredible breaks in decorum, ethics and just plain bad manners.


Russia successfully answered the question ‘how does a minority maintain control in a democracy?’

In the UK, they blamed Europe, while making a fortune from Europe. So, Russia funded a stalking horse candidate to amplify the carefully controlled lie in a more deliberate way. Farage was funded by Russian intelligence through Aaron Banks, a kind of rich spiv.

In the US, they use immigration, despite it being a near impossibility to get a clean plate countrywide without an illegal immigrant being paid cash on the barrel. Daily.

Trump coming out so hard against immigrants was the key amplification of a mechanism that suited a part of our politics, ie, the GOP businesses and land owners that employ fully half the imports but can only maintain generational control of the levers of power by using identity politics, ie, blame the people that are driving their fortunes, and game the electoral college.

In its most simplistic reading capitalism is a con. A human pyramid without toilet paper except for one man who uses the next 4 mens haircuts. It beat the people when it beat the unions. That was 50 years ago.

Not sure Communism didn’t win the Cold War. WalMart is paying the Chinese to build superpower status, and Russia has become capitalistic enough to influence world affairs to a greater degree than they it ever did in the old days.

They have had some control of a flat fraud like Trump with flattery and money for decades. But it must have been a golden era for their kompromat guys to go after the religious right. Whew.


On what planet does your neighbor protesting a coup attempt require you to trot out pro-coup symbols? What else could it possibly mean?

Especially for a partisan whose fellow travelers have complained loudly about the left for decades over displaying upside-down flags at protests and rallies. Personally, I have a suspicion that the Alitos have been huffing culture war fumes, and both the flaggy distress symbol and the Appeal to Hebm are signalling their thoughts on Great Replacement bullshit, groomers in the school, trans people harshing their bathroom chill, and gay EVs lowering the testosterone of alpha males.


My only joy is that, in the coming dystopia, the orange guy’s enablers will end up facing the equivalent of the guillotine, just as the members of the Reign of Terror did. Unfortunately, orange guy himself will skate, because Satan looks out for his own.


So am I. But I don’t really expect to hear that,

I’m expecting guilty on some counts, and hung on others. I’d place a small wager on the jury hanging on the counts where Tweedledum or Tweedledummer signed the check to Cohen.

I’d actually be happy with that result: it would tell me that the jury did dig down into facts and tried to sort things out. Getting 12 people to agree about where to go for lunch is difficult–this is factorially harder.

Having been on a couple of juries, I won’t criticize their verdict however it comes down. They were in the courtroom every day and they are the only people who know how the dynamics operated in the jury room.

What’s true before will remain true after the verdict.


Small nit: It was grape-flavored.



Gathering information about basic Catholic doctrine is apparently hard, too. Jesus Christ, not every word out of the Pope’s mouth is considered infallible, as even the most cursory glance at Google would have shown. The last infallible statement was in 1950.


[Cannon’s] handling of the case is imbalanced to Trump’s advantage.

We cannot get a fair trial in Florida.

Let us see the evidence!


I would like to know more about these Italinas! Do they like patsa? Do they drive Fitas?


Great read. Thanks for posting.

So, there you have it. The defendant can doxx law enforcement agents and falsely accuse them of trying to murder him. But if the prosecutors don’t ask nicely enough and quote the defense verbatim, then it’s contempt and sanctions.

A good summary of where we’re at.


Smith had a choice to make. Set charges in the docs case in Florida where the stolen materials were found … or set the charges in DC due to the nature of what was stolen, by whom and the location the material was taken from. I suspect a judge in DC would not have screwed around and delayed things. I think a trial in the docs case would be ready to begin very shortly. Cannon was not the only available judge in the district in Florida but it fell in her lap. From what I’ve read she is a delay specialist and is completely on trump’s side. We have no evidence yet that Cannon was bought… other than her lifetime judgeship given to her … by trump.