Ads on TPM site

This POS click-bait has been on my handheld via TPM for the last 3 weeks. PLEASE, can't I look at something else, soon?

It's from a source called "REVCONTENT" and on my phone pictures some overfed doofus with his wife and equally overfed daughter with the claim that he's won the lottery 12 times.

It links to this - Please, go away!

I don't see it viewing logged in on my PC or laptop. Have you cleared cookies, cache, etc? If viewing when logged in you should see only one flat ad.

TPMJoe may be able to help:

I dont know if TPM contracts with a 3rd party for their ad sales, but I think they should consider new options because their page load times are abysmal, and I suspect that its some of this ad content causing it.


I thought it decides what ads you see based on your browsing history. Drives me crazy too -- especially because I am subjected to ghastly pictures of toenail fungus and some nauseating tongue sticking out with some sort of ring worm (or body modification?) -- I can't figure out why I am so blessed with such offensive images because I certainly didn't search for such things! I wish there was a way to make them go away. I thought one of the perks of Prime membership was avoiding this crap.


I'm baffled, as I also understood the point of reading as a Prime member was not having to see the same ads as the public.

Are talking only about mobile? Which OS?

BTW, I regularly delete cookies so as to not see ads chasing me at other web sites. I never have a problem here, although the load time is really long, as others have noted.

Revcontent and Taboola are the new monsters on the ad front. They insert ads into websites regardless of whether the host website has ads or not. I don't know how to get rid of them.

I have both Apple and Android devices and it appears randomly on all of them.

Story: I recently got a new work device (Apple) with a clean install of the OS and enterprise security. My first visit was to TPM because Taboola had been driving me nuts on Android. I got the ads on my virgin work device - no apps installed and no permissions switched on (because you know, IT, They deliver it clean and locked down).

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Seems to be a problem with my Samsung Android, and not on my Chromebook. Any advice, @tpmjoe?

Oy, vey.

Maybe Steve Bannon is reaching out to you in his special way?


Thanks a lot - now you guys have me reading all about "interventions" targeting cross-origin parser-blocking scripts (like those used by revcontent and the yieldbot) when I should be sleeping :wink:

Intervention: Blocking the load of cross-origin, parser-blocking scripts inserted via document.write for users on 2G
For users on slow connections such as 2G, the performance penalty from third-party scripts loaded via document.write is often so severe as to delay display of main page content for tens of seconds. This feature will block the load of cross-origin, parser-blocking scripts inserted via document.write in case of an HTTP cache miss for users on a 2G connection. The feature will only be applicable to such scripts in the main frame.

Thanks -- I can't stop laughing! For sure I will think of him every time I see toenail fungus.

EDIT: I will think of toenail fungus every time I see Bannon!


Cleared my browsing history on Android and it's still there.

( thankfully, it appears underneath the whole set of Livewire listings and not within them).

I couldn't find anything specific on my phone to Cache or Cookies and erasing them.

Thanks for the advice.

I was able to clear my browsing history on my Android, but after a search of settings and etcetera I found nothing to help me with Cache or Cookie clearance. Any advice?

Now you're insulting toenail fungus!

On Android phones the option is in your Settings (from Menu). Choose Privacy, then Clear Browsing Data.

I still don't know if you are saying you are logged in when you visit TPM on your Android phone.

Another thing I don't know is if TPM uses a mobile-specific index page, as in "". This might not have the ad-blocking feature that main browsers see when you view logged in.

Really appreciate your attempt to help here, @tomwright. But I don't have a Privacy option under my Settings. When I type "privacy" into the Search Help, all it comes up with is how to darken my screen!

Did you use the menu to access Settings? I googled the question and got a few pages saying about the same thing. There is a "more" option.

Look here:

They say you can get to this screen:

Will give it a try. Thanks