A place to post when you can't stand it any longer, but don't want to feed the trolls" Post here

Pilgrim, at times do you feel compelled to respond to a troll here at TPM but do not want to disrupt the thread, feed the troll or receive a trollish reply to your post?

Well take comfort in knowing that you're not alone. There are times when we all are driven to call out intellectual dishonesty, boorish commentary, utter horseshit and feel that uncontrollable to urge to put a torch to the straw-men.

So take a deep breath friend, this topic is a place for you to get it off your chest and lighten your time on the Innertubes.

Post your comment here and watch that troll eventually dry up and blow away bless it's little heart. :pray:


Right on... Right on... Right on...

You're a true man of my heart... And in the same vein, this place over here goes back 6 years to the old TPM Cafe days...

Nappy time...


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Roger that.

I was trying to think what that title was a couple of days ago...It serves a definite need.

Pardon. I never quite understood how the Two-Holer was supposed to work. If you see an exceptionally bad post from a troll, you do what to 'register' it into the Two-Hole thread? Is the idea that the labeling signals res of readers not to further interact with the troll? Thanks in advance for educating me.

Damn it!


Two questions asked result in two trollish non-replies.

You're really something.

Sorry ... I missed this...

I was busy in Catalina.

As to the question:

Simply highlight the portion of the post that in your personal opinion you deem a bunch of bunk, disruptive and/or totally off topic.

Hit the gray "quote reply" button... Copy the entire quoted reply.

Open the Two-Holer, hit the 'reply" button and paste the quoted reply.


You can either cut and paste the offensive word into the two hole topic or deny the person a response but experience the joy of posting a reply by safely posting your reply on this thread.

Either or both.

Oh dear god our esteemed Militia Ranger is killing me today:

Fear of the boogieman? Perhaps they believe that BIG brother was gonna keep them safe from the big bad wolf... I mean really! What was in it for the UK? trade deals? Why cant they just make their own trade deals? Why does it have to be tied to a layer of bureaucracy? I can see for a country like Italy or Greece that brings less to the table, but the Uk? Really?

Dude has it ass backwards...the EU has been an absolute catastrophe for Greece, as the wealthy countries like Germany have dictated monetary and fiscal policy to their needs, which has been counterproductive to the needs of Greece which has a much worse economy. Greece's inability to control its own fiscal and monetary policy has drastically hindered its ability to recover from its situation.


thank you @tomwright for closing what was obviously a trolling post.

You think TPM is perhaps interested in making money off of the lot of us just buying him off of the island?


Seconded. I was just about to post something similar. Thanks @tomwright

OT, but I miss anchoring over there at the Isthmus (we had 400 feet of chain)...we had some good times over the years.

Love the Isthmus...

We anchor just North of Lion Head. It's a shorter distance out to Eagle Reef where we dive. Much quieter and less traffic, especially around closing time at the Reef...

33.453412, -118.502100


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I so want to call out the most important rule of trolling when it comes to topics that our little fiend misses totally in his latest lame attempt in trolling the board. I see stuff like that and I almost feel like I should take him under my wing and educate him on the finer methods of successful trolling...



Should we tell him what "viscous attacks" really means?


Does anyone ever go to San Clemente Island? I was on a flight from El Toro to Hawaii (back in 1967) when the C-130 put in at the island for some reason or other. I remember there wasn't much there and the terminal was just a small building with a few pictures of the bird life on the island. Can you anchor off the coast or is everything off limits?

Hey now . . . @lochsabill ...

In the mid to late 60s I flew on and off the island dozens of times when I was attached to VS-41 out of North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado.

The island remains restricted to those without official business. There are safety zone areas offshore that diving and boating are allowed depending on scheduled operations. This link will help...


"The Commander-in-Chief, Naval Forces, Pacific (CINCPACFLT) is the major claimant for the island, Naval Air Station, North Island (NASNI) is responsible for its administration."


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Today we have this laughable assertion from our good friend:

I can assure you that my reading material is exponentially more diverse than yours.

I'm sure it is pal. I mean he probably reads The Blaze, Breitbart, Drudge, Fox News, NewsMax, Daily Caller, Twitchy, AND the Washington Times. How diverse!!!

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And add this one . . .